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GMCC rotary and reciprocating compressors are widely used in various fields such as air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, heat pump water heaters, dehumidifiers, clothes dryers, refrigerated cars, and water dispenser equipment. Welling motors and their drive systems are widely used in the fields of household appliances, cleaning equipment, pumps, and industrial automation.

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Intelligent manufacturing "core" engine, GMCC shares manufacturing upgrade experience

At the first China (Guangdong) International Household Appliances Expo, GMCC made every effort to bring manufacturing upgrade experience and energy efficiency upgrade solutions to help the home appliance industry upgrade.

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Powerful, Welling brings 7 categories of "spirit" to the first Guangdong International Appliance Expo

At the first Guangdong International Household Electrical Appliances Expo, Welling showed up with 7 types of high-efficiency and low-noise "spirit".

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New energy efficiency questionnaire, GMCC new wisdom core becomes "first-class standard" answer

On the morning of October 24, the professional and technical branch of the China Household Electrical Appliances Technology Conference was grandly held. As a deep cultivator of refrigeration appliance compressors, GMCC communicated and shared with colleagues at the scene.

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Explanation of the abnormal situation of the total phosphorus monitoring data of the online equipment of the main outlet of Anhui Meizhi Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

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"Core" Yao appliance technology conference, GMCC injected lasting vitality into the industry

On October 23, the 16th China Household Appliance Technology Conference kicked off in Foshan, Guangdong, bringing together thousands of technology R & D elites in the home appliance industry to discuss technology development trends and the future of the industry.

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Comfortable life and environmental protection, the answer lies in the heart of air conditioning

Last year, a super typhoon mangosteen with a wind force of 17 in the center was blown from the Philippines to Guangxi, Guangdong. After leaving a remnant, it also wiped out 5.2 billion yuan in economic benefits ...

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GMCC: 500 million air-conditioning cores, Shifang World

GMCC Meizhi announced a more amazing message on August 30. From scratch, GMCC achieved the achievement of 500 million air-conditioning compressors offline in 24 years.

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Global 500 million air conditioner core choice, GMCC innovative technology to help home appliance development

On August 30, 2019, the 500 million off-line and new product launch meeting of GMCC's "500 million limousine, Tongxin Zhiyuan" air-conditioning compressors was held in Sanya, Hainan.

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GMCC: Spirit rhino has "core", energy efficiency upgrade is easy

It is understood that the “Green and Efficient Refrigeration Action Plan” jointly issued by the seven ministries and commissions covers the entire refrigeration industry, and requires the upgrading of refrigeration products to take into account both energy efficiency improvement and environmental protection and energy saving, and also accelerates the introduction of relevant mandatory performance efficiency standards.

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Breakthrough R290 Application Limits

Recently, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) announced that it has officially approved the increase in the limit of flammable refrigerant charge in commercial equipment. A3 (flammable and explosive) refrigerant charge limit has been increased from 150g to 500g, and A2 (flammable) and A2L (weakly flammable) refrigerant charge limits have been increased from 150g to 1200g.

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The new test of energy efficiency of air conditioners is approaching, also see the power of Welling energy-saving inverter core

It is reported that the national standard GB21455 "Limited Values and Energy Efficiency Ratings of Room Air Conditioners" (hereinafter referred to as the new standard) has formed a consultation draft, which means that the day when the new standard was promulgated is getting closer.

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New air-conditioning energy efficiency standards will be included in hot air blowers, and GMCC core compressors respond efficiently

It is understood that the national standard GB21455 "Limited Values and Energy Efficiency Ratings of Room Air Conditioners" (hereinafter referred to as the new standard) has formed a consultation draft, that is, a new standard for air-conditioning energy efficiency is about to surface.

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AHR exhibition ends, Welling interprets North American power on the sea

At the 2019 American Refrigeration Show, Welling demonstrated the North American power in the process of globalization of the brand, and demonstrated and passed the strength and capabilities of Chinese motor companies to the global market.

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Participated in the AHR exhibition for seven times, exploring the indissoluble bond between GMCC and North America

The three-day 2019 American AHR Show ended in the emerging industrial and commercial city of Atlanta.

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The 14th Annual Conference of the Sixth Committee of the Refrigeration Institute: A grand celebration and a new future for refrigeration

The 14th National Academic Year of Refrigerators (Cabinet), Air Conditioners and Compressors, co-sponsored by the Professional Committee of Small-scale Refrigerators and Low-temperature Biomedicine of the China Refrigeration Association and "Household Appliance Technology" Magazine, August 10-11, 2018 "The 11th National Annual Conference on Cryogenic Biomedicine and Devices" was held in Qingdao, China.

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Three advantages of Welling split air conditioner outdoor unit fan AC motor

In addition to the characteristics that the AC fan motor of the outdoor unit of the welling split air conditioner can still run stably under large temperature changes, it has three major advantages.

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GMCC independent compression technology was named "2018 Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Technology"

On May 31, 2018, at the 2018 China Refrigeration Association (Unit) Member Conference in Hangzhou, the conference announced that the GMCC independent compression technology was selected as the energy-saving and environmental protection technology catalog of the Chinese Refrigeration Institute and held a certification ceremony. "2018 Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology".

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Soil environment test report of Anhui Meizhi Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Environmental information disclosure of Anhui Meizhi Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

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2018 CRH今日收官, Welling ECM电机变身展会“红人”

2018 CRH concludes today, Welling ECM motors become "red men" at the exhibition

On April 11, the three-day China Refrigeration Exhibition 2018 was about to end. The Welling ECM constant torque motor, which was rated as "Innovative Product of China Refrigeration Exhibition 2018" by the exhibition organizing committee, remained attractive on the last day, attracting many industry professionals to the Welling booth to see its true content.

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Investigation and monitoring report on soil hazards of Anhui Meizhi Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Investigation and monitoring report on soil hazards of Anhui Meizhi Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

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GMCC coal-to-electric heat pump heating special compressor (for heat fan) officially released

On April 9, Hu Wangyang, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Society of Refrigeration, also came to the conference site and witnessed the GMCC coal-to-electric heat pump heating compressor (heat fan) with GMCC general manager assistant and director of R & D center Zheng Liyu and many professionals in the refrigeration industry. (Used) officially released.

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One-click arrival at GMCC Technology Museum

A glimpse of the GMCC Science and Technology Museum.

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Welling ECM恒转矩电机荣膺“创新产品奖”

Welling ECM constant torque motor wins "Innovative Product Award"

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Really incredible, quick reading Well2018CRH exhibited products

From April 9th to 11th, China Refrigeration Exhibition was held in Beijing China International Expo Center. As the fourth stop of Welling's 2018 global tour exhibition, Welling has carefully prepared a technological feast as always, using high-efficiency motor products to help home appliances develop their future lives. .

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Coming, GMCC will bring a variety of products to CRH

The 29th China Refrigeration Exhibition (CRH) will open on April 9, 2018 in Beijing China International Expo Center. GMCC will bring a variety of heat pump special-purpose, air-conditioning, refrigerator inverter, fixed-speed series products to debut!

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3D video reveals black technology of GMCC coal-to-electric heat pump heating compressor

3D video reveals black technology of GMCC coal-to-electric heat pump heating compressor

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37 seconds "counting" GMCC Northern Coal to Electric Heat Pump Heating Compressor

Click on the video to witness the GMCC "Hot Chi core" low-temperature heating efficiency soared by 26%!

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GMCC: Green manufacturing requires 3 steps of "production, management, and product"

As early as the "carbon label" was introduced into Chinese manufacturing enterprises, GMCC has been engaged in the practice of green manufacturing, constantly exploring in the field of low-carbon emission reduction, and exploring a "production, management, product" 3-step strategy.

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Welling Lab: Secrets Frequently Occurred in Black Technology

Let's move to the Welling Lab and uncover the secret behind Welling's frequent "black technology"-

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Only "change" does not change, Welling newly explained the three major development trends of the home appliance industry

Looking back at the four days of AWE 2018, Welling exhibited a variety of motors such as high-power commercial outdoor unit fan brushless DC motors at this home appliance event, bringing customers a series of efficient inverter motors and electronic control solutions.

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12万转/分,Welling BLDC吸尘器电机荣膺艾普兰核芯奖

120,000 rpm, Welling BLDC Vacuum Cleaner Motor Wins Appleland Core Award

120,000 rpm, the Welling BLDC vacuum cleaner motor wins the Appleland Core Award.

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GMCC&Welling:绿色智造 制造绿色

GMCC & Welling: green smart manufacturing green

At 9:30 am on March 9, the 4th China Household Electrical Appliances Industry Chain Conference was officially held at the Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai. At the conference, GMCC & Welling was awarded the 2018 China Household Appliance Supplier Outstanding Contribution Award, and this award also represents the industry's recognition and hope for GMCC & Welling!

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One picture overview of 224㎡GMCC Science and Technology Museum

On March 8, the 2018 AWE exhibition was held in Shanghai as scheduled. Among thousands of international exhibitors, GMCC stands out for its 7 consecutive years of participation in AWE. At the exhibition, GMCC comprehensively demonstrated the interactive scene experience mainly based on science and technology exhibition halls; the intelligent manufacturing strength and innovative technologies based on "black technology" products were wonderful highlights!

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三分钟速览Welling 2018 AWE

A three-minute tour of Welling 2018 AWE

On March 8, the 2018 AWE exhibition opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. At this grand event that comprehensively showcases the development trends and innovative products in the field of home appliances, Welling brings a variety of efficient and innovative motor products to showcase its innovative technologies in all directions.

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GMCC brings high-efficiency "core", India's special compressor amazing ACREX exhibition

The horn of the second stop of the GMCC global tour exhibition has sounded in India. On February 22, 2018 local time, GMCC appeared at the ACREX show in India with a high-efficiency "core" special compressor for India.

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Welling: India gathers special motors for ACREX exhibition, efficient technology attracts attention

On February 22nd local time, the ACREX show in India officially opened. With more than 2,000 global companies competing on the same stage, what surprises did Welling bring to the event with high-efficiency star products? See-

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Product engineering offline rate remains below 7.8PPM, GMCC "quality" is a must!

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High efficiency, energy saving and quiet, BLDC motor for home air conditioner

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Day 8760 "Check-in" from GMCC artisans

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Made in China is hard to catch up? Need an ice breaker called "Creation"

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4500 sets of equipment "play" intelligent manufacturing, the daily output of the compressor increased by 40%

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GMCC "Made in China" Lecture Series Eight Micro-Videos: Witness the Scarlet Heart of Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises

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Famous on the list! GMCC Hefei Ice Press Factory was appraised as a labor security integrity demonstration unit in Hefei

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What does "new contradiction" mean for Chinese manufacturing companies?

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Central air conditioning ECM motor, constant torque frequency conversion technology to achieve intelligent air supply

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Spend 200 million to create "eyes of fire and golden eyes"

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Time, place and people, GMCC all the way to the golden period of "North America"

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Over 18,000 kilometers, GMCC enters North American market with special compressor

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Triumphs at US show, Welling overseas strategy horn

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GMCC of “Runaway” Global Village for one year

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Encourage the spirit of "Made in China": GMCC benchmarks international standards to meet world quality

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The core power of the kitchen rookie-integrated heating BLDC dishwasher pump

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GMCC launches Lean general mobilization when everyone is making screens made in China

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The long-standing North-South heating battle has finally come up with a new statement!

With the advent of another winter, the controversy over north-south heating has re-emerged-

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Focusing on "low-carbon core", GMCC crosses the sea for the sixth time to sail AHR

On January 22nd local time, the global professional exhibition of air conditioning, refrigeration and heating, the American AHR refrigeration exhibition, was held in Chicago as scheduled. This year's exhibition takes the products of the home appliance industry as a window, and the participating companies' brands actively promote "heavyweight" products and technologies.

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Welling landed at AHR exhibition four times in a row, technology is still important

Welling unveiled its high-end products with its series of motors for commercial air conditioners and DC motors for washing machines. The strong product lineup, innovative technical functions and supporting special overall technical solutions made Welling attract a warm crowd at the exhibition.

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Perspective on the Future of "Manufacturing + Internet" from GMCC Smart Engineering

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GMCC "Hot Chi core" low-temperature heating energy efficiency soared 26%, overcome the "coal to electricity" problem

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"Core" with heart, GMCC three strategic forging patents "nuclear power"

GMCC, which has been focusing on compressor R & D and manufacturing for more than 20 years, has insisted on creating the "core" by heart, using three major strategic ideas to lay out the layout of patented technology research and development, and irrigating the tree of corporate innovation with a patent pool.

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Production and sales increase hit a new 6-year high

Under the great market situation, there are three changes that need to be taken seriously by motor companies-

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Welling2017 transcript released! Attached 2018 development keywords

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Promote the environmental protection transformation of "coal to electricity", GMCC compressor "Zhisheng" two battles

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Uncovering the GMCC's "voyage to sea": measures tailored to local conditions, technology breaks the wall

Enterprises have successfully established a foothold in overseas markets and continuously exported products, mainly to achieve the following three points-"according to local conditions", "talent localization" and "technology localization".

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Twenty years of lying on the "core" taste, Welling together research and development of accelerated motor "smart change"

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Welling: the elite gathered in Xi'an, talking about innovative technologies and low-carbon development

From November 15 to 17, 2017, the 2017 Annual Conference of the Chinese Refrigeration Society was grandly held. Welling actively carried out academic exchanges and interactions, and exhibited the professional capabilities and innovative product technologies of Welling Motors.

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GMCC releases three major signals for the development of manufacturing companies

GMCC transmitted the "green", "smart", and "innovation" three major industry development signals to Chinese home appliance companies through innovative technology reports and compressor product demonstrations.

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Hundreds of millions of "employees" reveal the front and back of GMCC automated production

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Industry upgrades outlets to welcome consumption, dual kinetic energy empowers washing machines to achieve high premium capabilities

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Heat pump heating market has huge room for increase, and the compressor industry is gaining momentum

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GMCC: A Quick Look at Multiple Pictures! 5 seconds to the technical event

In November and February, GMCC appeared at the China Household Electrical Appliances Technology Conference with its new product "Hot Chi core" heat pump heating compressor and other technical solutions, attracting high attention from the participants.

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Welling: What kind of experience is it that the strength of participation in the audience exploded the audience? There are pictures and the truth

On November 2, 2017, the China Household Electrical Appliances Technology Conference was held in Hefei, Anhui. The national appliance enterprises gathered together to discuss the technological trend. Welling Motors made a wonderful appearance and the power burst into the audience!

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GMCC: These four platforms are the golden key to Industry 4.0

In the domestic manufacturing industry, GMCC, which has many years of compressor manufacturing experience, creatively integrates the four intelligent platforms, holds up the victory flag of "Digital Factory", and demonstrates the strength of Chinese manufacturing today on the international stage.

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GMCC improves oil testing, saves energy and reduces emissions

GMCC has adopted innovative applications for oil testing in TPM, and has achieved significant results in improvement.

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Focusing on the four basic points of "QDCI", GMCC promotes sustainable "quality manufacturing" in the industry

As major refrigeration companies seek transformation, GMCC focuses on the four basic points of "QDCI" and has an innovative management model to promote high-quality products for sustainable development of the industry and achieve healthy development.

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Visual management, "Three Kanban Boards" push GMCC acceleration into the information age

Kanban management is an important subsystem in lean production. Under the GMCC lean production management mode, there are mainly three distinctive Kanban designs, which are deeply integrated with information technology and greatly improve logistics efficiency and production efficiency.

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"Eye of Fire and Gold Eyes" Helps Lean, GMCC Automates Quality Inspection "Trilogy"

GMCC has persisted in improving quality inspection for many years, realizing highly automated quality inspection in the industry, playing the "trilogy" of quality inspection with an attitude of excellence, and playing a role in promoting the overall quality of the industry.

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Expertise and wisdom! GMCC takes the lead in picking up the first China Cold, Warm and Intelligent Core Making Award

GMCC was recognized by the industry for its “excellent core manufacturing” performance in technology, manufacturing, and products, and won the first “Cold and Intelligent Manufacturing Award” in China.

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Breaking the pain point of traditional warehouse management, GMCC intelligent warehouse platform connects with industry 4.0

In the workshop of compressor manufacturer GMCC, the "warehouse" is another "landscape"-

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Operation "Bu Tian" was praised, GMCC was awarded the United Nations "Outstanding Contribution" recognition certificate

GMCC was awarded the honorary certificate of “Outstanding Contributors to the Contribution and Efforts for the Protection of the Ozone Layer” jointly issued by the five departments of the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Environment Programme, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the World Bank and the Environmental Protection Foreign Cooperation Center.

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Exhibition Express: GMCC expedition to Brazil FEBRAVA show, show strength of "Technical Muscle" show

To meet the higher demand for energy efficiency, reliability, and miniaturization of the compressor in the Brazilian market, GMCC brought many energy-efficient compressors to the 2017 FEBRAVA exhibition in Brazil. "Big Show Muscle" brings refrigeration technology to users worldwide.

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先睹为快!Welling BLDC电机“沸腾”2017巴西FEBRAVA展

See it first! Welling BLDC motor "boiling" 2017 Brazil FEBRAVA exhibition

The Brazilian FEBRAVA exhibition attracted nearly 500 exhibitors from all over the world. Under the huge number of exhibitors, Welling attracted the attention of many customers and visitors with many innovative motor products, which greatly enhanced the Brazilian FEBRAVA exhibition.

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Chasing Southeast Asia, Welling Motors Lands Strongly at RHVAC Thailand 2017

As a well-developed enterprise in the field of home appliance parts manufacturing, Welling has made a strong presence in high-reliability, high-performance, low-carbon and environmentally-friendly motor products at the 2017 Thailand RHVAC exhibition, which will lead the way to improve the Southeast Asian market layout.

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2017 RHVAC in Thailand kicks off, GMCC low-carbon and efficient refrigeration horn sounds throughout Southeast Asia

GMCC once again appeared in the Southeast Asian market with its line of low-carbon and high-efficiency compressors, showing the world the results of "Made in China", and letting the low-carbon and high-efficiency refrigeration horn sound throughout Southeast Asia.

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Strengthening production safety control, Welling motors on high-quality tracks

As one of the domestic motor manufacturing companies, Welling deeply understands the importance of safe production. From employees to equipment, as well as production management at all levels, laying safety guarantees at various levels, implementing various safety measures, ensuring safety and efficiency from three major directions. "Quality made" motor.

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"Three Soldiers" sword blessing, GMCC sustainable development competitiveness again refreshed

An enterprise is like an army. "Being able to win the war" not only pays attention to the strategic strategies formulated by the management, but also needs to pay attention to the strength of the soldiers. As a result, the GMCC has created a “army” with a clear division of labor and a good work style. In the peaceful era, the “army law” is innovatively used to achieve the stable development of the enterprise.

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Breaking a new path of emission reduction, GMCC waste heat utilization shows significant results

As an enterprise actively responding to "green manufacturing", GMCC also has its own views on the utilization of waste heat-

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Blessing of strength! GMCC wins two awards in "China Air-Conditioning Industry Summit"

At the 2017-2018 China Air-Conditioning Industry Summit Forum, GMCC won two awards, “Leader in the Compressor Industry” and “Energy Efficiency Core Award”, and became the top supplier of the air-conditioning industry at this summit forum. Award business.

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Intellectual property intellectual property dividend, Welling patent activates innovation factor

As one of the first-line companies in the field of motor manufacturing, Welling has already deployed a development strategy and has made a beautiful set of punches in innovative research and development and patented technologies.

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Promotion to the "National Team"! GMCC two Anhui factories selected as pilot enterprises for the implementation of the integration of the two industrialization management systems

Recently, GMCC's Anhui Meizhi Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Anhui Meizhi Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. were successfully selected into the 2017 list of pilot enterprises for the implementation of the integration of two industrialization and management systems by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology based on their outstanding achievements in integration of industrialization and industrialization.

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Good news again! GMCC Hefei Ice Press Plant Re-Identified by Municipal Industrial Design Center

After rigorous review by the expert group of the Economic and Information Committee of Hefei City, the GMCC Hefei Ice Press Factory was unanimously approved as the "Hefei Industrial Design Center".

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GMCC Hefei Ice Press Plant was awarded Anhui Engineering Research Center

A few days ago, the GMCC Anhui Provincial Reciprocating Refrigeration Compressor Engineering Research Center was approved by the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission and was awarded the "2017 Anhui Engineering Research Center".

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Welling: Motor "Smart Manufacturing" has password, please enter 1234

Welling, as one of the companies actively exploring intelligent manufacturing, combined with production practical experience, summed up the key password for "intelligent manufacturing"-1234.

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五句话揭开GMCC 柔性制造的秘密

Five sentences to uncover the secrets of GMCC flexible manufacturing

GMCC promotes enterprises to realize "flexible manufacturing" through "software" and "hardware", to improve manufacturing accuracy, and to achieve both quality and output excellence! In five simple words, tell the secret of GMCC's "flexible manufacturing".

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Welling: The air-conditioning motor market is booming, and "DC" has broken the wind vane

While nervously scheduling production, Welling is constantly looking for breakthroughs in technology and product structure, and seeking transformation. How to upgrade the technology and upgrade the product structure to meet the market trend? Welling thinks like this--

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Visit to the GMCC plant: an air-conditioning compressor is produced in 9 seconds on average

In GMCC, an air-conditioning compressor can be born in an average of 9 seconds, and the production efficiency of single-line products has reached record highs.

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SMED has achieved great results in actual combat, and GMCC's "refined" strength has reached a new level

GMCC is improved by SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die), and the slide rails are installed on the device. One person can complete the replacement of the upper clamp in only 4 minutes, which is safe and efficient.

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GMCC: 600 robots stage "one-arm dance", automation promotes "intelligent" speed

At the GMCC compressor manufacturing plant, more than 600 robots perform a "one-arm dance" every day. Large robotic arms about three meters in height sometimes lift up parts, sometimes flex their elbows to grab materials. A sharp turn turns a row of cores Stably placed on the transmission chain ... These robots have powerful movements, are simple and efficient, and have different dance "styles".

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Overcoming high energy consumption difficulties, GMCC takes 3 months to reduce power consumption by 30%

As a member of a green manufacturing company, GMCC initiated a series of energy-saving and reduction projects, such as the establishment of waste heat recovery systems, sewage treatment stations, photovoltaic power generation, and LED lighting transformation.

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Welling: Practice the "five good" internal power, strong electric motor "real power"

Persistent Welling gradually builds up the "five good" internal power and enhances the "real power" of the motor. But what exactly is a Welling motor with "ethics, intelligence, beauty, and labor"?

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Human-machine collaboration + big data, Welling dual combination boxing challenges flexible manufacturing

Flexible manufacturing is the trend of the future manufacturing, but the challenges are not small. In the context of Industry 4.0, how can motor companies to meet the challenges of flexible manufacturing under Industry 4.0? Welling gave an answer with his own actions.

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Refining "core" three techniques to attack intelligent manufacturing, Welling automatic production line exposure

In the workshop of the Welling DC branch factory, an automated production line composed of various parts such as robots, electronic eyes, etc., integrates several processes of stator production, rotor production and motor assembly, under the command of computer programs and the monitoring of a few workers Precise operation.

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GMCC: Compressor also has "ID", quality and safety can be traced

The digital factory order full process management system allows each GMCC compressor to have an "identity card".

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"God to Heaven" and "Going to the Sea" to see how GMCC compressors are "refined"

Have you ever seen the compressors "Going to Heaven" and "Going to the Sea"? GMCC is here!

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Automatic winding adds power, Welling is excellent and double benefits

Welling fully automatic vertical winding machine, simplifying complexity and containing great power!

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Welcome new milestones! GMCC air compressor Wuhu plant rolls out 70 millionth compressor

GMCC compressors ushered in another new milestone in the history of development—the 70 millionth compressor of the GMCC Air Compression Wuhu Plant was successfully rolled off the assembly line.

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In order to reduce the noise of the air conditioner, Welling Motor has performed these "minor surgeries"

Onlooking at Welling noise reduction "minor surgery", who said that people and air conditioners cannot live in harmony?

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Industry 4.0 era, see how GMCC plays with automated logistics

How can we integrate intelligent logistics into intelligent production? And see how GMCC, a home appliance component manufacturer, plays with automated logistics!

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R290 air conditioning international camp grows, GMCC "core" technology helps environmental refrigerants to attack the world

On April 10-11, the International Symposium on the Application of R290 Refrigerants was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang. The GMCC R290 compressor attracted the attention of international friends.

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Yield hit a record high! GMCC Hefei Ice Press Plant's monthly output exceeds 2 million

In March 2017, the monthly output of the GMCC Hefei Ice Press Plant exceeded 2 million units, with an annual output close to 20 million units.

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解读产业链大会新风向 GMCC落实产业链改革升级

Interpretation of the new trend of the industry chain conference GMCC implementation of industrial chain reform and upgrade

In the future development, the industrial chain must seize the three major points of research and development, intelligence, and sustainability to achieve the optimization and upgrading of the industrial chain.

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GMCC: Green technology upgrades to support the green future of the industry

GMCC & Welling's Assistant General Manager and Director of the R & D Center Zheng Liyu delivered a special lecture on green technology on the theme of “green cooperation in the industrial chain and sharing green technology”.

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AWE 2017,看Welling不一样的中国制造

AWE 2017, seeing Welling made in China different

Welling was unveiled with a variety of high-quality motors, covering air-conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, water purifiers and other fields, fully demonstrating Welling's pioneering and innovative achievements in response to the country's call for green development.

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GMCC: Green "Core" Technology Makes the World Move

The goal of GMCC is to build a "green" industrial chain, implement the "go global" strategy, and spread the "green" of Chinese manufacturing and GMCC to every corner of the world.

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GMCC compressor wins Apland Core Award again, green technology advantage highlights

GMCC & Welling, an upstream component supplier of home appliances, continued to make efforts to win the "Eppland Core Award" again for its innovative products, showing the world's scientific and technological innovation power of consumer electronics to the world and becoming the focus of much attention.

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Go for an appointment! GMCC brings “WE” technology compressor green to AWE

The independent brand GMCC, which has always driven global development with technology, attended the exhibition with products such as air-jet enthalpy compressors, variable-frequency variable-capacity high-efficiency compressors, high APF compressors with independent compression technology, CO2 compressors, and miniature compressors.

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2017 AWE展会速递:Welling携BLDC电机再放异彩

2017 AWE Express: Welling brings BLDC motors to shine again

Welling, an enterprise that adheres to the concept of high efficiency and energy saving, went to India to participate in the ACREX exhibition in late February, and once again brought BLDC motors to participate in the exhibition. With its high-efficiency energy-saving boutique motors, it showed the strong brand strength to the industry.

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Postscript of ACREX in India: Made in China, Welling for India

Welling has always adhered to the country's goals for Made in China and implemented the "Go Global" strategy, in order to bring high-end, sophisticated "Made in China" products to the Indian market.

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GMCC's "Going Global" Strategy: From "Sail" to "Long Voyage"

At the 2017 ACREX exhibition in India, the GMCC showed its innovative "green power" achievements for India and the Middle East, which caused an efficient "hot" wave.

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GMCC: Broaden professional internationalization with core technology products

GMCC spares no effort in product research and development and develops different targeted high-quality products to support the further implementation of GMCC's international strategy of "going out, going in, and going up", and using core technology products to broaden the road to international markets .

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India's ACREX booth hits directly: Welling exhibits dedicated products sets off an efficient boom

The 2017 ACREX exhibition in India kicked off on February 23 at the New Delhi International Exhibition Center. Welling attended the exhibition with its dedicated Indian and other special products.

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Attacking GMCC! Bring India to ACREX exhibition of ultra-efficient compressor "On the sword"!

At the 2017 ACREX exhibition in India, the GMCC showed its innovative "green power" achievements for India and the Middle East, which caused an efficient "hot" wave.

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Welling pulsator washing machine's plastic package motor provides a reliable "core" for washing machine

Welling pulsator washing machine's plastic sealed motor, with its low noise, low vibration and high reliability, can provide a reliable "core" for washing machines.

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Welling Attends AHR Show, BLDC Motors Debuts Gorgeously

The 2017 American Refrigeration Exhibition (AHR Expo) was grandly held at the Las Vegas Exhibition Center from January 30 to February 1. As a regular guest of the AHR exhibition, Welling is already attending the exhibition for the third year.

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Take you to see the power of the Wellington BLDC motor

Changes in the market place new requirements on the "heart" of washing machines-washing machine motors. Welling's BLDC motors for drums are characterized by their high efficiency and energy saving, low noise comfort, uniform power, and long life.

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Black technology debut! Welling releases 8 ~ 110,000 rpm high-speed BLDC motors

After overcoming many difficulties, Welling successfully developed a "fast" "black technology"-Welling 8 ~ 110,000 rpm high-speed BLDC motor.

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Started green development engine, GMCC sewage treatment grade is stricter than national standard

GMCC, a manufacturer of core components for home appliances, has worked hard in the green manufacturing process, especially in the sewage treatment issues that manufacturing companies must face. It focuses on the treatment of factory production wastewater and domestic sewage. After treatment, The sewage must be stricter than the national standard to meet the discharge standards.

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