Technical solutions

Technology Solutions

Yipinxin • Highly reliable motor solution

I. Technical background

After decades of development, there has been no new change in the motor of the air conditioner as one of the heart of the air conditioner. As a labor-intensive product, most of its quality problems originate from human factors. To this end, Welling has specially developed a "one-pin core" high-reliability motor solution, and uniquely developed a series of air-conditioning external motors suitable for automation and product consistency, and targeted to increase the peak season supply capacity, product quality and competitiveness, effectively improving The quality of a home air conditioner.

Brief introduction of technical scheme

The study found that the technical obstacles mainly come from the challenging problems of automatic winding of the stator. Welling took the lead in overcoming this technical difficulty and adopted the split core technology to achieve automatic winding with overlapping windings at the ends. The special-shaped yoke separated iron core design, distributed winding high slot full rate direct winding, and the special-shaped yoke interference fit Key technologies such as non-damaging slotting of the stator's inner circle fill international gaps.

Technical characteristics

Front-end technology improvement
The level of motor technology has been greatly improved, and four key indicators are at a relatively good international level.

2. Mature and reliable

Under this solution, the product process is reduced by 40%, the personnel-dependent process is replaced by automated equipment, and the online pass rate reaches more than 99%.

Technical achievements

A. Patents: 11 invention patents, 11 utility model patents, 1 design patent;

B. Standard: Apply for revision of JB / T4270 standard in terms of product noise and temperature rise;

C. Awards: The second prize of the 2014 China Household Appliance Technology Progress Award; the 2015 Apland Core Award.

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