Technological innovation

Technology Innovation

Green innovation

In order to maintain the competitiveness of core technology, GMCC Meizhi continues to invest a lot of scientific research resources, equipped with more than 130 sets of noise / vibration test instruments and analysis software worth more than 200 million yuan, compressor simulation air conditioning gas load test, endurance test, motor performance Testing and other equipment, established an excellent R & D test center, and passed the national laboratory certification and UL CTDP certification. Welling Motors set up Shanghai R & D Center, employing foreign experts and senior engineers as the main technology R & D, forming a research and development team led by international motor experts, doctors as backbones and masters as main bodies, mainly engaged in basic technology, core technology and technology of the motor industry Research, has more than 100 patents.


Independent R & D platform

It has three major research and development centers, and has multiple UL certification laboratories and national key laboratories. It has a complete basic technology research and product development system, and various types of scientific and technological personnel account for more than 39% of the company's total staff.


Innovative research team

A knowledge structure layer consisting of doctors, masters, and bachelors has been established, and a vertical title network composed of senior engineers, engineers, and assistant engineers has been laid to effectively ensure the company's research and development capabilities and development potential.


Modern experimental equipment

Excellent PDM system, a full set of experimental test analysis systems and laboratories, including noise laboratory, compressor calorimeter laboratory, compressor single durability, compressor test room, motor performance laboratory, enthalpy difference laboratory, etc. .

Production facilities


Scientific research equipment


Main lab

Key Laboratory

Main lab

The laboratory is the cradle of science and technology and the base for scientific research. GMCC & Welling has established five advanced laboratories through continuous resource investment, and has undertaken the important mission of excellence and development.

Compressor single durability test room

Equipped with compressor casing strength, fatigue and other test equipment and constant temperature and humidity, salt spray test and other equipment, the compressor casing pressure strength test, casing fatigue strength test, etc.

Noise testing and analysis

Equipped with nine semi-anechoic chambers in accordance with ISO3745 and GB6882 standards, equipped with multiple sets of B & K, LMS and other internationally renowned manufacturers of noise / vibration test instruments and analysis software.

Motor performance test room

Equipped with seven sets of internationally famous brands of motor performance testing equipment, the equipment is equipped with high-precision, high-reliability automatic data acquisition and analysis system to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results.

Air conditioner performance test room

Equipped with seven sets of 25HP ~ 60HP operating laboratories with various capabilities, the total capacity of the test prototype is 260HP. Can perform cold room, warm room test, low temperature and high temperature test of heat pump water heater and so on.

Compressor calorimeter test

It can meet the performance test of compressors with various specifications of power supplies and various working fluids in the main regions of the world within the range of 100 ~ 50000W; the accuracy reaches + -0.75%.

Physical and chemical laboratory

Equipped with testing equipment such as residual foreign matter testing device and complete machine moisture content testing device. Testing and analysis of parts and the whole machine residue test, the whole machine moisture content test can be performed.

Cooperation Agency

Cooperative Institution

GMCC & Welling has always maintained an open communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign manufacturers, research institutions, and colleges and universities with an open mind of large enterprises, and constantly improved its R & D capabilities. Established a strategic partnership with Toshiba Co., Ltd. in Japan to maintain normal and in-depth exchanges; exchanged and published academic papers each year at Purdue University, an academic institution in the international refrigeration industry.

Cooperation and exchange institutions and topics include:

Academic Exchange of Refrigeration Theory


Purdue University

Compressor mechanical noise mechanism research project


Tsinghua University

Development of analysis software for rotary compressor shaft core of carbon dioxide heat pump water heater


Xi'an Jiaotong University

Compressor technology


Toshiba Corporation

Research on New Refrigerant Oil


Japan JX Nippon Mining Energy Co., Ltd.

Research on Air-conditioning Piping System Vibration and Stress Analysis and Software Development


Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Scientific research results

Scientific Research



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