Go for an appointment! GMCC brings “WE” technology compressor green to AWE

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On March 9th, AWE (China Household Electrical Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo), one of the three major home appliances and consumer electronics exhibitions that rivaled the CES in the US and the IFA in Germany, kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center as scheduled. The independent brand GMCC, which has always driven global development with technology, attended the exhibition with products such as air-jet enthalpy compressors, variable-frequency variable-capacity high-efficiency compressors, high APF compressors with independent compression technology, CO2 compressors, and miniature compressors. With "environmentally friendly and efficient" compressor products and rich and exciting interactive activities on the site, GMCC set off a wave of "green core technology" on the AWE exhibition site.

On the first day of the exhibition, the crowd of people on the GMCC booth was surging, and the technical staff introduced the technical characteristics and application scope of GMCC products to the guests in detail with excellent technical knowledge, which was well received by customers. GMCC's major domestic and foreign customers such as Midea, Chigo, TCL, LG and other companies have come to the GMCC booth to understand.

"The products exhibited at this AWE exhibition, as always, adhere to the concept of" environmental protection and high efficiency. "Just as this northern coal-to-electric heat pump dedicated heating compressor uses an innovative elastic valve jet technology to achieve rotary jet enthalpy compression. Breakthroughs in machine technology can achieve full-frequency heating for heating. At the same time, the heating capacity has also improved. The relative heating capacity of the -15 ℃ environment can be increased by 20% -50%, which can ensure high heating and stability at -20 ℃ ambient temperature. The effluent temperature can solve the problem of performance degradation due to low temperature, stable and efficient operation, and high reliability. "A technical expert from GMCC introduced to the guests," Considering the trend of low-carbon environmental protection, coal-to-electricity has adopted R410A new environmental protection. Refrigerant, the ozone layer destruction value is zero, which can achieve environmental protection and energy saving. ”In fact,“ under heavy haze ”environmental problems make GMCC pay more attention to the development of environmentally friendly refrigerant compressors. R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant inverter compressors are actively developed and designed by GMCC. One of the achievements of environmentally friendly refrigerant compressors. This compressor is based on green environmental protection, optimized structure, safe and reliable, long service life, improved energy consumption level, etc. The advantages are favored by many audiences.

In addition to compressors with air-jet enthalpy technology, GMCC also exhibited compressors with independent compression technology-using independent compression chamber design, the compression process of the main cylinder and independent compression chamber are independent of each other, and the saturated steam at the appropriate pressure point Suction and separate compression can improve the power consumption of the compressor and improve the heat transfer efficiency, which greatly improves the compressor energy efficiency and system energy efficiency, and the APF energy efficiency of the frequency conversion system is increased by about 10%. Following the India show, this compressor with independent compression technology was again unveiled at the show. Its advantages of frequency conversion and high-efficiency products attracted exhibitors and purchasers to frequent it.

In terms of new field products, in order to meet the diversified needs of customers, GMCC has designed and developed compressors used in different fields, such as miniature compressors that break the size limit of traditional compressors, and horizontal compressors with high energy efficiency and low noise. Covers air conditioning, refrigerators, clothes dryers, dishwashers, freezers and other fields. In particular, miniature compressors with small size, light weight, high efficiency, low noise, and long life can meet the needs of various micro-environment temperature control such as communication base station cooling, car refrigerators, medical refrigerators, and wine cabinets, and provide a small refrigeration field. New choice.

In addition to the product display, the GMCC booth also set up other interactive links-a holographic projection display located in the center of the booth, to present the GMCC "core" technology to the on-site audience through the current popular technical means. The dance performances on the side of the booth, the WeChat shake shake raffle and the AR reality red envelope brought a lot of joy to the guests.

Since its establishment in 1995, GMCC has gone through 22 years. Today, GMCC has grown into an important high-tech enterprise in the compressor field. As a practitioner of green environmental protection in the industry, GMCC is contributing to the cause of human environmental protection by continuously digging innovative environmentally friendly refrigerant technologies and broadening the road of environmentally friendly and efficient technologies.

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