GMCC: Green technology upgrades to support the green future of the industry

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With the wave of green and low-carbon development sweeping the world, what is the future development trend of the global home appliance industry? At the 2017 China Household Appliance Industry Chain Annual Conference held on March 10, the compressor brand GMCC gave the answer.

At 9 am on March 10th, the 2017 China Household Appliance Industry Chain Annual Conference was officially held. The theme of this conference is "Reform the supply side and upgrade the industrial chain." In his speech, Wang Lei, vice chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, pointed out: "Through technology and quality as the guidance, the entire chain of the home appliance industry operates in a healthy manner, and the rapid improvement of the overall manufacturing level of the industrial chain and the transformation and upgrading of the industry can be used in the international market. The strength has created a new situation for China-made Bo. "

At this conference, upstream and downstream companies in the home appliance industry gathered together. Among them, Zheng Liyu, assistant general manager and director of the R & D center of GMCC & Welling, delivered a green technology keynote on the theme of "industry chain green cooperation and sharing green technology": "Green in the global green development The times emerged at the historic moment, and it is the core "core" force that helps the industry to upgrade green. The GMCC will share the green technology achievements with you and explore the direction of the industry's green upgrade.

Green technology creates a sustainable economy

At present, the impact of household appliances on the environment can no longer be ignored. According to the International Energy Agency's IEA research, home appliances consume more than 35% of the country ’s electricity consumption, second only to cars, and a series of environmental issues such as carbon dioxide emissions are imminent.

In the field of green technology, GMCC has been committed to the optimization and improvement of green technology. Represented by independent compression ultra-high APF compressors, the independent compression cavity developed by GMCC can improve the power consumption of the compressor and improve the heat transfer efficiency, which greatly improves the compressor energy efficiency and system energy efficiency. The APF value is as high as 5.893, which is higher than the benchmark system APF. The value has been increased by about 10%. With the use of air conditioners, it can increase the energy efficiency of air conditioners by 15%, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, protect the earth's atmosphere, maintain the balance of the ecological environment, and achieve environmental protection and economics.

The new GMCC product—Northern Coal-to-Electric Heat Pump Compressor for Heating—is specially designed for cold weather in the North. Its high energy efficiency, forced heat, rapid heating, and silent product performance combined with elastic valve jet enthalpy technology, Achieved full-frequency air heating for heating, the APF energy efficiency of the compressor system was increased by 8%, and the relative heating capacity of the environment at -15 ℃ was increased by 20% -50%. Through the efficient operation to achieve the purpose of reducing emissions, this has a certain mitigating effect on the northern haze weather. At present, the R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant on the market has attracted much attention. The innovative GMCC started the development and research of the R290 rotary compressor as early as 2009. It is reported that GMCC has widely applied R290 environmental protection refrigerant to compressor products in the fields of air conditioners and refrigerators.

Expand application fields and promote green cooperation

In addition to traditional air-conditioning compressors, in order to respond to the needs of more customers, GMCC has also gradually developed new areas of compressors, and has developed products such as miniature compressors, horizontal compressors for RVs, and horizontal compressors for refrigeration. The expansion of the industrial chain has been highly recognized by customers. Relying on the advantages of production resources and technical resources, GMCC meets customer needs and implements the "ten-year replacement" service, which promotes the healthy development of the industry and promotes a win-win situation for cooperation.

In addition, GMCC has always adhered to the "go global" strategy. It is worth noting that during the implementation of GMCC ’s globalization strategy, considering the hot weather in India, GMCC developed a special inverter T3 compressor for the Middle East, using R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high impact resistance and environmental protection. Improving the harshness of the local wind and sand environment has caused a warm response in the local area. When faced with cold weather in North America, GMCC re-attacked and launched a special compressor for North America, which has the characteristics of fixed frame, low vibration, low noise, high reliability, and wide application range, which solves the problem of low temperature performance attenuation of conventional air conditioners and expands Application fields of air-conditioning heating. GMCC strives to bring green technology products to the world, and contribute to the "going out, going in, going up" made in China.

GMCC general manager Xiang Weimin once said: "Everything is customer-centric as a prerequisite for development." All along, GMCC has maintained a good cooperative relationship with customers. Well-known domestic and foreign household appliance brands Midea, Oaks, Hisense Kelon, Chigo, TCL, LG, Panasonic and other customers have all affirmed GMCC products and technologies. Samsung, Fujitsu and other senior executives have also visited GMCC factories, and the two parties reached a strategic partnership .

At the end of the keynote speech, Zheng Liyu said, "On the basis of today's low-carbon and environmental protection, we will continue to implement technological innovations in green technology, and seek more coordinated development of green technology and socioeconomic development through more cooperation in the industry. Contribute to sustainable development. "

It is worth mentioning that at this year's 2017 China Household Appliance Industry Chain Annual Conference, GMCC & Welling won the title of "Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Household Appliance Suppliers" for its environmentally friendly, efficient green technology and quality capabilities. This award reflects the high recognition of GMCC & Welling's technology and products in the home appliance industry.

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