GMCC: Broaden professional internationalization with core technology products

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In the past 40 days, GMCC, which focuses on the research and development of rotary compressors and related fields, has gained tremendous recognition in the international market.

On January 30, GMCC made a wonderful appearance at the 2017 American Refrigeration Exhibition (AHR 2017); On February 23, GMCC brought professional boutiques to the 2017 Indian International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment Exhibition (ACREX 2017); on March 9, GMCC Shining at the China Household Electrical Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2017), one of the three major home appliances exhibitions in the world-In three representative exhibitions around the world, GMCC demonstrated its ambition and strength of its internationalization strategy with its core technology products.

From sailing to voyage: horizontal advancement of GMCC internationalization strategy

In recent years, in line with the corporate philosophy of "everything customer-centric", GMCC has been iterating out new core technology products to promote the air-conditioning, refrigerator, heat pump and other complete machine industries. While increasing product power, it has also increased "Made in China" Strategic steps towards internationalization.

According to industry online data, in 2016, GMCC achieved export sales of about 270 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.2%. The rapid increase in direct export sales proves the competitiveness of GMCC products in the global market. It is understood that the direct export sales of GMCC will still increase rapidly in 2017.

According to the relevant person in charge of GMCC, in the GMCC's internationalization strategic direction, the brand internationalization is defined as "going out, going in, going up." For this reason, GMCC began to increase the horizontal coverage of its internationalization strategy. From North America to the Middle East, from Europe to South Asia, GMCC's internationalization space has expanded more and more, and has received good feedback in these markets.

For AHR2017, which was attended by GMCC in Las Vegas on January 30th, the commercial products brought by GMCC have attracted much attention in more than 100 countries and more than 60,000 visitors. AHR field industry expert evaluation: "No matter which market in the world, product power is the key to test whether a product is excellent. GMCC North American special compressor for light business meets the needs of air-conditioning manufacturers for the low-temperature heating capacity of compressors. From this point, Seeing GMCC's high pursuit of products and customer demand, it is no wonder that GMCC's products will be welcomed by users worldwide. "

At AWE2017, one of the three major home appliances and consumer electronics exhibitions in the world, GMCC's products not only comprehensively covered almost all home appliance categories, but also won the "Epland Core Award", which is extremely gold-bearing, at the exhibition for its outstanding product characteristics. Relying on years of quality service, it won the "Outstanding Contribution Award of Chinese Home Appliance Suppliers" at the "2017 China Home Appliance Industry Chain Conference".

The recognition in North America and the shining in the Asia-Pacific region make GMCC's internationalization strategy gradually move from sailing to voyage. What supports GMCC to achieve such an achievement as an upstream supplier is the product power of GMCC.

From product to boutique: vertical support for GMCC's internationalization strategy

"If we still go the same way, we will never reach a new place." Fang Hongbo, president of Midea Group, still emphasized the importance of transformation at the strategic meeting on March 8. As the core of Midea Group's product division, GMCC has continued to carry out internal transformation, strengthen research and development, and carry out technology-driven strategic transformation in recent years, which is the basis for the implementation of GMCC's internationalization strategy.

Under the circumstance that the technology research and development strength cannot reach a certain level, an enterprise cannot launch different targeted products to meet the needs of different regions of the world. And GMCC has already done it. According to the reporter, in recent years, while maintaining the advantages of traditional product performance, GMCC has made significant achievements in product development in new growth areas in response to the operating conditions in different regions of the world and emerging markets in related fields. In terms of T3 operating products for India, the Middle East and other places, high-power rotary compressor products for light commercial applications, and low-temperature heating products for environmental protection, the core technical advantages of GMCC have been fully utilized.

In terms of T3 products, taking the products exhibited by GMCC at ACREX 2017 as an example, in view of the hotness throughout India, high temperatures throughout the year, and annual average temperature above 22 ° C, GMCC brought India-specific, Middle East Dedicated compressor products, among which India's ultra-efficient compressors have the three characteristics of reducing compressor compression power consumption, improving system heat exchange efficiency, and intelligently optimizing system performance. Therefore, they have become the focus products of this exhibition. In addition, GMCC India's Energy Star 18K ultra-efficient compressor is also optimized for India. It has new ultra-efficient performance, new products have an energy efficiency increase of 3% compared with the old products, and low oil discharge rates. product.

In the field of light commercial high-power rotary compressors, GMCC has been able to provide 5-10HP inverter products with low cost and superior performance. Taking AHR2017 as an example, in view of the characteristics of light commercial products in the North American market, GMCC specially exhibited 1.5TON-5TON North American light commercial compressors, and this product became a "star" at the exhibition site.

With the advancement of the "coal-to-electricity" policy in northern China, demand for efficient low-temperature heating products has skyrocketed. At AWE2017, in response to China, the world's largest air-conditioning production base and the fastest air-conditioning product innovation, GMCC launched a number of products with great technical advantages, setting off waves of "green core technology" at the AWE exhibition site. Trend. For example, a northern coal-to-electric heat pump heating special compressor uses an innovative elastic valve jet technology to achieve a breakthrough in rotary jet enthalpy compressor technology, which can achieve full-frequency heating of air for heating. At the same time, the heating capacity has also improved. The relative heating capacity of the -15 ℃ environment can be increased by 20% -50%. It can ensure high heating and stable water temperature at the -20 ℃ environment temperature, and solve the problem of performance degradation due to low temperature. Stable and efficient operation, high reliability. In addition to compressors with air-jet enthalpy technology, GMCC also exhibited compressors with independent compression technology-using independent compression chamber design, the compression process of the main cylinder and independent compression chamber are independent of each other, and the saturated steam at the appropriate pressure point Suction and separate compression can improve the power consumption of the compressor and improve the heat transfer efficiency, which greatly improves the compressor energy efficiency and system energy efficiency, and the APF energy efficiency of the frequency conversion system is increased by about 10%.

In fact, it is the GMCC that spares no effort in product research and development and develops different targeted high-quality products, which can support the further implementation of GMCC's international strategy of "going out, going in, and going up", in order to broaden the core technology products The path to an international market.

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