GMCC: Compressor also has "ID", quality and safety can be traced

2017-05-31 4799 views

Where does the compressor come from, where does it go, what is the production batch number, what production links does it go through, and how is the compressor performance and quality inspection results at each link ... The concerns of these home appliance manufacturers are in the past, and they can only be shipped. Get batch number and receipt notice before. In the era of Industry 4.0, these production-related information can be queried one by one during the compressor manufacturing process-

In addition to the transformation of automation equipment, GMCC with forward-looking vision also uses informatization as the entry point, and has established an informatization and intelligent system-a full-process management system for digital factory orders. It is this system that allows each GMCC compressor to have an "identity card" that can query the real-time progress of the order and trace the quality.

This bar code "ID card" of GMCC compressor combines bar code automatic identification technology, serial number management ideas, and bar code printers, bar code readers, data collectors and other bar code equipment. Among them, the bar code automatic identification technology uses special equipment-bar code collector, PDA, LED production kanban, PLC, sensors, PC and other hardware, with the bar code software system to achieve real-time data collection throughout the production process from raw materials to production. The front-line employees only need to put barcode stickers on the key nodes of their production, scan the barcode through the barcode collector, and place the compressor in production and logistics operations to be scheduled, to be produced, put into operation, performance, offline, inspected, entered The information data of the warehouse, shipment, delivery, and arrival are transmitted to the PC in real time.

In other words, no matter whether it is the compressor's raw materials, processing and production links, performance testing, or finished product packaging information, for customers, it can change the identity of previous bystanders to monitor the entire process, and the compressor production progress can be checked in real time. Trust in compressor quality. On the other hand, for the GMCC, after the production planning instructions are issued to the workshop, the workshop drives automatic logistics based on the real-time production progress and WIP advance, and the management staff grasps the production progress in real time. The data acquisition module of each operation site of the production site can also be used for GMCC to monitor equipment and production conditions, such as detecting whether the input material usage is accurate, such as whether the processing accuracy meets the process requirements, such as the order of the process flow, such as the production plan and the actual data. Whether it is consistent with production efficiency.

In addition to making orders completely transparent, the GMCC compressor's "ID" also has a powerful feature-quality traceability. In simple terms, the entire order process is transparent to realize the data collection of the entire production process of the compressor from the raw material to the finished product storage. Through the scanning of each production link, the association of raw materials, components, and finished product workshops is established, and the compressor is recorded. Production history, processing technology, equipment parameters, processing sequence and other production engineering information that can be traced to quality. The customer scans the barcode “ID card” on the compressor through the mobile terminal software to accurately trace the compressor manufacturing information, including the compressor's corresponding shell material supplier and the production line, production time, and work team personnel corresponding to the production link. Once a product has a quality problem, it can be traced through the bar code on these ID cards, which can quickly reduce the scope of recall of the problem product. At the same time, accurately identify the links where product quality problems occur, make improvements in a timely manner, and reduce error rates.

GMCC's "identity card" for compressors, from the perspective of management benefits, has realized product quality traceability, transparentized the circulation process of compressors and their accessories, and can drive the "quality tide" within the industry, forming a Order competition, thereby promoting the sustainable development of the compressor industry. In terms of social benefits, it has eliminated the phenomenon of information asymmetry between customers and manufacturing enterprises, helped to establish a credit market system, and promoted the prosperity of the industry.

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