Overcoming high energy consumption difficulties, GMCC takes 3 months to reduce power consumption by 30%

2017-07-04 4569 views

In recent years, an "environmental protection storm" for energy conservation and consumption has quietly swept the world. In China, major manufacturing companies have set off a "big deal" in energy-saving transformation. As a member of a green manufacturing company, GMCC initiated a series of energy-saving and reduction projects, such as the establishment of waste heat recovery systems, sewage treatment stations, photovoltaic power generation, and LED lighting transformation.

Among them, the GMCC Wuhu Plant completed more than three months of efforts to complete the plant's central air-conditioning energy-saving retrofit project, achieving a 30% reduction in power consumption at the GMCC Wuhu Plant, with significant results. According to the GMCC Wuhu factory staff, in order to meet the production needs of some production lines to maintain constant temperature in the workshop, central air conditioning is not uncommon in the production workshop of the GMCC plant, and the central air conditioning system used in the plant has accounted for the total electricity consumption of the GMCC Wuhu plant over the years The power consumption is close to 12%, which belongs to key power equipment. In order to speed up the process of energy conservation and consumption reduction, in February this year, the GMCC officially tackled the high energy consumption difficulty and launched the energy-saving renovation project of the central air conditioning of the plant. As of early June, the project has been successfully commissioned and entered the initial acceptance stage with visible results.

In more than 3 months, the power consumption of the plant has been reduced by 30%. How did GMCC achieve it? The following three steps may answer your questions:

Power transformation-use of energy-saving pumps

In a room of the GMCC Wuhu factory, at the generating end of the central air-conditioning system of the plant, a row of blue energy-saving pumps are neatly arranged in the equipment room, continuously providing energy-saving power for the central air-conditioning system. In fact, in the past, GMCC used the old centrifugal pump as the power device of the entire circulating water system, which has large power and large power consumption. After starting the energy-saving renovation project of the central air-conditioning plant, the centrifugal pump was replaced with an energy-saving pump, which achieved greater benefits while reducing power. The output flow of the pump was increased from the original 400m³ to 600m³, which resulted in higher energy efficiency and power consumption. It is greatly reduced.

Technology upgrade-variable frequency control

In order to achieve the goal of reducing consumption, GMCC decisively upgraded from a technical perspective, adopted frequency conversion technology, and used the existing piping and distribution lines to directly transform, reducing the construction period and saving the cost of renovation. In addition, the GMCC also uses a combination of inverters and PLCs, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, temperature modules and other components to form a closed-loop temperature control system that automatically adjusts the output flow of the pump. GMCC fine-tunes the frequency regulation and control of the existing central air-conditioning system to optimize the opening frequency of the central air-conditioning system under the premise of ensuring normal production and supply, reducing energy waste, and bringing better economic benefits to GMCC.

Personnel management-training energy-saving talents

Driven by mechanization and intelligence, the content of human work has gradually changed from the original basic manufacturing to managed production. In order to adapt to this trend, the GMCC, which attaches great importance to the skills of employees, requires employees to have the ability to operate equipment and apply technology before they can start work. In the early stage of the implementation of the transformation of the plant's central air-conditioning energy-saving project, GMCC has carried out simple training for employees, so that they have the knowledge of the corresponding energy-saving transformation projects, can have sufficient understanding of the updated energy-saving equipment and master the correct operation methods, and cultivate energy conservation Talent.

The GMCC Wuhu plant's central air-conditioning reconstruction project is specially equipped with an automatic control management system, which also has a remote control function. The staff can directly operate through the display screen to realize remote control equipment switching, adjusting parameters, recording power consumption data and other functions, real-time control of the operating status of the central air-conditioning system. After the first acceptance of GMCC, the analysis data shows that the energy saving rate of the central air-conditioning energy-saving renovation project has reached 30%, and it is estimated that it can save nearly 1.5 million electricity bills in one year. Undoubtedly, through unremitting efforts, GMCC has taken the fast track to industry energy conservation and environmental protection!

The successful commissioning of the GMCC's central air-conditioning system renovation project at the Wuhu factory has a certain enlightening effect on the energy-saving and emission-reduction cause of the domestic manufacturing industry. Today's globalization, "energy shortage" is no longer a problem faced by an individual, but The problems that all humans face together and work hard to solve. In the future, GMCC will continue to practice green production and take an active role in energy conservation and environmental protection!

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