Welling: The air-conditioning motor market is booming, and "DC" has broken the wind vane

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In the cold year of 2017, the entire air-conditioning industry chain entered a "fanatic" production mode. Since August 2016, shipments of air conditioners have skyrocketed, and the upstream has always been in short supply. By 2017, air-conditioning sales are booming. According to industry online data, as of the end of April 2017, the total sales of home air conditioners in 2017 reached 91.48 million units, a year-on-year increase of 32.79%. The domestic sales volume reached 53.38 million units, and the sales volume of China's air-conditioning industry ushered in a peak.

The sales of air conditioners have grown tremendously. Although the pressure on the upstream of the air conditioner industry chain has doubled, they are still confident, especially air conditioner motor companies. Industry online data shows that in April 2017 alone, the sales volume of air-conditioning motors was 24.28 million units, a year-on-year increase of 18.0%. As of the end of April 2017, the cumulative production and sales of air-conditioning motors for the cold year 2017 was 215 million units, a year-on-year increase of 24.9%.

Industry Online: 2014-2017 Cold Year Air-conditioning Motor Domestic Sales Trend (10,000 units)

In fact, behind the "hot" market, Welling, who fully pays attention to market trends, has reservations about the production and sales situation in the new cold year: If the high inventory of the whole machine cannot be effectively digested, it is expected that the decline in air and electricity production in the coming year will be even greater than 2016 serious. Therefore, while nervously scheduling production, Welling is constantly looking for breakthroughs in technology and product structure, and seeking transformation. How to upgrade the technology and upgrade the product structure to meet the market trend? Welling thinks like this--

For consumers, they are more inclined to choose intelligent, versatile and silent air conditioners. For an air conditioner with intelligent, energy saving and mute functions, a good air conditioning motor is very important. In the industry, "frequency conversion" and "DC" have gradually become important directions for upgrading the structure of air-conditioning motor products, and the prospect is always promising. Welling continues to innovate in brushless DC product technology, and has already introduced DC motor products such as indoor fan brushless DC motors for split air conditioners and brushless DC motors for outdoor fans based on market demand. Welling staff introduced that Welling brushless DC motors have significant energy saving effects compared to AC motors. Permanent magnetic field drive can achieve quiet operation of air conditioners. Brushless technology can adjust the motor speed by changing the voltage or current for more precise adjustment.

(Welling split air conditioner indoor fan brushless DC motor and outdoor fan brushless DC motor)

In addition, in order to achieve the mute effect of the air conditioner, the Welling air-conditioning brushless DC motor is also plastically sealed with a shock-absorbing and noise-reducing BMC resin casing, which greatly improves the durability and safety of the motor, and further weakens the noise on the process packaging. Welling air conditioner brushless DC motor uses FOC sine wave space vector control system, which improves the low-speed current waveform and saves energy while optimizing the noise and vibration of the motor.

(Welling injection molding machine production process)

Low noise and energy saving make the market advantages of air conditioner DC motors gradually obvious. Combined with the "hot" air-conditioning market in 2017, air-conditioning DC motors can better meet market demand. In addition to the air-conditioning field, DC motors have been favored by home appliance manufacturers due to the improvement in product quality requirements of consumers in various categories of home appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, and have gradually ushered in a bright future.

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