Good news again! GMCC Hefei Ice Press Plant Re-Identified by Municipal Industrial Design Center

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Recently, the GMCC Hefei Ice Pressing Plant, which has been appraised as “Anhui Engineering Research and Development Center”, once again received a good news: After strict review by the expert group of the Economic and Information Commission of Hefei City, the GMCC Hefei Ice Pressing Plant was unanimously approved as the “Hefei Industrial Design Center” ".

(GMCC Hefei Ice Press Plant was awarded "Hefei Industrial Design Center")

The GMCC Hefei Ice Press Factory has passed the strict selection review by relevant provincial and municipal departments, and obtained the "double material" certification, which fully demonstrates GMCC's strong independent research and development capabilities and brand strength. In fact, the identification of Hefei City-level Industrial Design Center requires enterprises to meet the reporting requirements of obtaining more than 10 domestic and foreign authorized patents (including copyrights) and not less than 2 invention patents in the past two years. Driven by the corporate philosophy of independent innovation, and through multiple rigorous material reviews and on-site inspections by expert groups, the GMCC Hefei Ice Press Plant was identified as the "Hefei Industrial Design Center", which promotes the level of industrial design and development for the provinces and cities, and promotes industry. The transformation and upgrading of economic innovation play a mainstay role.

In fact, with the successive introduction of refrigerator energy efficiency grade policies and the evolution of the frequency conversion trend of the refrigerator market, refrigerator compressor manufacturers have transformed and explored new paths in recent years, adjusting the direction of innovation and development to respond to market changes. However, in the process of transformation and upgrading, most manufacturing companies often only wander in market-driven innovation and technology-driven innovation, and ignore the deep-level industrial design innovation. As one of the four major research and production bases of GMCC, the GMCC Hefei Ice Press Plant has always implemented the GMCC's market-oriented independent innovation strategy, delved deeply into the field of industrial design, applied industrial design thinking and methods to product design research and development, and provided refrigerator manufacturing enterprises. Various refrigerator compressors and matching technical support services.

(GMCC Hefei Ice Press Factory Refrigerator Performance Lab)

GMCC's deep cultivation of industrial design is reflected in the field of R & D and innovation. During the R & D process, GMCC R & D personnel make multiple design modifications to new products or technologies. The product drawings drawn are adjusted from the actual application of the product. The adjustments include product appearance design and internal component combination design. After confirming, make a prototype for performance, energy efficiency and other tests to evaluate the feasibility of new products or technologies. In terms of product design, by improving the body itself, structural design, motor and other aspects, the energy efficiency of the compressor of the GMCC refrigerator and other energy efficiency are controlled at a reasonable level. The GMCC Hefei Ice Press Plant also has a number of R & D and design laboratories such as performance laboratories, semi-anechoic chambers, and infrared spectroscopy laboratories for the development and design of refrigerator compressors.

(GMCC Hefei Ice Press Factory Refrigerator Compressor Semi-anechoic Room)

Industrial design, as an important link in the value chain of the manufacturing industry, has an important role in enhancing the added value of products, enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises, and promoting the upgrading of the industrial structure. Therefore, GMCC penetrates the content of industrial design into the manufacturing process. In the four workshops of the GMCC Hefei Ice Press Factory, hundreds of robots are constantly waving their robotic arms for production work. Under the guidance of manpower, they have completed standardized process production to ensure that refrigerator compressor parts and appearance meet testing standards. In addition, the GMCC Hefei Ice Press Factory held a monthly MBS improvement activity to optimize the manufacturing process in a "team battle" manner, and many employees participated enthusiastically in the design and production of "improved Kanban". As for the improvement plan that passed the assessment, the GMCC Hefei Ice Press Plant immediately popularized the whole plant and vigorously promoted the application of innovative processes.

(GMCC Hefei Ice Press Factory Automatic Shaping Machine Equipment)

The market-oriented and industrial design innovation-oriented GMCC has continuously achieved innovative breakthroughs in new areas of refrigerator compressors--such as D series refrigerator compressors with ball-supported piston rod structure, displacement 5.0 ~ 9.9cc, cop1. 6 ~ 1.95 high-efficiency compressors for H series refrigerators, inverter refrigerator compressors conforming to the trend of frequency conversion, and R290 refrigerator compressors of environmentally friendly refrigerant series, etc., are highly praised by the market for their high efficiency, miniaturization and energy saving.

(GMCC part refrigerator compressor)

The GMCC Hefei Ice Press Plant was awarded the “Identification by the Hefei Industrial Design Center”, which will further promote GMCC's product design and research and development capabilities in the field of refrigerator compressors. Provide stronger product guarantee and technical support for further expansion of the compressor market. GMCC will continue to be market-oriented, product-centric, and continue to improve the level of industrial design, providing high-quality services for more refrigerator companies.

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