Breaking a new path of emission reduction, GMCC waste heat utilization shows significant results

2017-08-29 4333 views

China has maintained rapid economic development for more than two decades, but the excessively rapid growth rate has gradually tilted the balance between energy demand and actual supply and demand. In fact, many enterprises have serious energy waste in the production process, and energy saving and emission reduction are imperative.

The "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Energy Conservation Action Plan" mentioned that industrial waste heat utilization is part of the regional energy supply. Under the promotion of “green manufacturing” by national environmental protection policies, many enterprises focus on energy conservation and emission reduction by utilizing waste heat that contains huge energy saving space. As a company that actively responds to "green manufacturing", GMCC also has its own views on the utilization of waste heat-

GMCC started the development of waste heat utilization projects in May 2013 and was fully completed in July of the following year. The project includes the waste heat recovery device on the side of the air compressor, the application of assembly and coating waste heat, and the cleaning machine waste heat application. According to GMCC employees, since the formal implementation of waste heat recovery and utilization, the GMCC Wuhu plant has been able to save 3 million kWh of electricity annually, equivalent to the monthly electricity consumption of 15,000 ordinary urban households.

According to GMCC staff, before the implementation of the waste heat utilization project, the GMCC production workshop used an oil screw air compressor. During the normal work process, high temperatures will be generated in the oil of the air compressor. And the heat is dissipated into the air by cooling through the circulating water tower, and the heat transferred by the power consumed by the air compressor during the working process is wasted.

After the waste heat utilization project was implemented, GMCC designed and installed a dedicated air compressor waste heat recovery device (air compressor-plate heat exchanger-hot water tank-water pump). Among them, the plate heat exchanger plays a role of heat exchange. Water coming in from the cold water pipe passes through the heat exchanger to absorb the heat generated by the air compressor, and becomes hot water flowing out from the hot water pipe. The hot water produced first flows into the water storage tank. Then make the assignment. This method effectively removes the heat from the original oil and cools it through the chiller, which not only cools the air compressor but also recovers the waste heat. The heat in the air compressor oil can be recovered and made into hot water. Keep between 50 ° C-75 ° C.

From one oil channel, one water channel to two water channels, one oil channel, GMCC's waste heat recovery system replaces the traditional electric heating method, which is safer and more energy efficient.

After using waste heat to make hot water, GMCC decisively canceled the use of traditional boilers in the past to reduce the impact of traditional boilers on the environment. At the same time, the hot water produced by the waste heat recovery of the air compressor was supplied to the production workshop, achieving secondary energy use. GMCC's waste heat recovery is used not only for production water, but also for domestic water heating in employee dormitories. Previously, staff dormitories used electric heat pumps to make hot water, which caused high hot water costs. Using waste heat recovery to make hot water instead of the original electric heat pump device can effectively reduce heating costs and increase energy efficiency. GMCC employees agree.

Nowadays, waste heat recovery and utilization has become one of the important measures for GMCC's energy saving and emission reduction. While increasing energy utilization, it can effectively reduce production costs. In fact, waste heat recovery is only one of the measures for GMCC's energy saving and emission reduction. In the future, GMCC will strengthen the implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction, provide green manufacturing ideas for peers, and contribute to the cause of global environmental protection.

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