Chasing Southeast Asia, Welling Motors Lands Strongly at RHVAC Thailand 2017

2017-09-08 4534 views

On September 7, the Thailand RHVAC exhibition (full name: Thailand International Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Exhibition), which is held every two years, kicked off at the Bangkok International Convention and Exhibition Center. Welling, as a benchmarking company in the field of home appliance parts manufacturing, has brought high-reliability, high-performance, low-carbon and environmentally friendly motor products to the 2017 RHVAC exhibition in Thailand, and has taken the lead in improving the layout of the Southeast Asian market.

The RHVAC exhibition in Thailand has always been considered one of the world's top five trade activities in refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and the second largest trade activity in the Asia-Pacific region. The exhibition has attracted a large number of well-known companies and professional customers for its unique radiating effect on Southeast Asia and the huge demand of the Thai local market.

At the exhibition, well-known companies in the industry gathered, and Chinese and foreign merchants in the Welling exhibition area were endless, and heavyweight customers from Japan, South Korea, the United States, Europe and other industries came in. Customers and professional visitors at the scene showed strong interest in Welling motor products and matching technology, and the negotiations started one after another. For Welling Motor, the Thailand RHVAC exhibition will be an important opportunity for it to penetrate the Southeast Asian market.

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and belongs to a tropical monsoon climate. It is extremely hot and hot all year round. In recent years, the continuous hot weather has brought benefits to the air-conditioning market. The demand for air-conditioning refrigeration throughout the year makes local users value the energy-saving and stability of air conditioners. As an important part of air conditioners, air-conditioning motors, they have gradually received attention from local users. Welling specially exhibited motor products for household and commercial air-conditioning fans. According to technical staff, the indoor fan brushless DC motors and indoor fan brushless DC motors for domestic split air conditioners use chip-built brushless DC motors to ensure the durability of the motor and improve the stability of the air conditioner. Not only that, they also have technical advantages such as high efficiency and environmental protection, high speed range, and stable speed, which are in line with the concept of promoting low-carbon life around the world.

It is well known that due to the influence of geographical environment and historical traditions, Thai clothing has a strong regional color. Most of the clothing is made of colorful cotton or linen. This has increased the difficulty of washing and protecting Thai users' clothing to a certain extent. Its motors have higher requirements. Welling's brushless DC motor for drum washing machines on display uses a rotor integrated BMC structure, which is simple and reliable. Positionless sine wave vector control drive, which effectively reduces noise and vibration, can provide Thai users with efficient frequency conversion motors and their electronically controlled systemized solutions, bringing a comfortable laundry experience.

At the exhibition, in order to make the exhibitors and visitors' representatives understand the products and technologies of Welling motor more intuitively and clearly, Welling set up a motor solution display area at the booth. Many exhibitors and visitors learned about the structure of the motor and the operation process of the entire machine through the intuitive schematic diagram of the Welling motor solution, and affirmed the rich display of motor products.

Before participating in the RHVAC exhibition in Thailand, Welling has continuously participated in a number of international exhibitions that are important to the development of the industry, such as the German Chillventa exhibition, the American AHR exhibition, the Indian ACREX exhibition, and the Chinese AWE exhibition. The territory has gradually spread to many countries and regions. For Thailand and the entire Southeast Asian market, Welling has already set up an overseas office to deal with the export of Welling motor products to Thailand in a timely manner. The office will also adjust Welling's overseas development strategy in a timely manner according to changes and needs in overseas markets.

Insist on manufacturing high-quality products and insist on creating high-tech. In the future, Welling will not forget its original intention and make a comprehensive attack to compete in the Southeast Asian market, and strive to provide users in Southeast Asia and the world with a comfortable motor experience and provide a source of life.

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