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On November 2, the General Assembly of the 2017 China Household Electrical Appliances Technology Conference was grandly held at the Shangri-La Hotel, Hefei, Anhui. Household appliances companies from all over the country gave a wonderful topic speech, exchange and discussion on the theme of "smart, green, quality, materials" Share common technologies and special technologies of home appliances and seek green development together.

At the opening ceremony of the conference, Jiang Feng, the chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, and Fu Yongjun, the general manager of GMCC & Welling, gave speeches at the conference and jointly opened the grand ceremony of the general assembly. Jiang Feng pointed out that China's home appliance companies are showing a collective rise, and China is becoming a leader in global home appliance technology innovation. Fu Yongjun conducted a concise analysis and explanation of the current green development opportunities facing Chinese and even global home appliance companies. He mobilized Chinese home appliances to implement the green development concept through practical actions, and through green technological progress, green transformation and upgrading, and green Manufacturing contributes an important force to global ecological security.

(Speech by Jiang Feng, Chairman of China Household Electrical Appliances Association)

(General Manager of GMCC & Welling Fu Yongjun giving a speech)

As a large-scale international home appliance industry technology event in the domestic appliance manufacturing industry, this technology conference attracted the enthusiastic participation of upstream and downstream companies in the home appliance industry chain, with more than 600 attendees to discuss the development trend of home appliance technology. GMCC brought its new “Hot Chi core” heat pump heating compressor and other technical solutions to the conference, which attracted great attention from the participants.

(GMCC booth site)

This new compressor is designed to solve the industry's pain points of "low temperature heating". Through the all-around coupling of frequency conversion, variable capacity, and enthalpy increase of air jets, it forms a joint force to achieve high-efficiency operation, rapid cooling heat, ultra-low temperature mute and other effects The technical solution will be introduced in detail at the technical session of the next day of the General Assembly. Also on display was the GMCC fixed-speed high-efficiency 2.0 refrigerator compressor, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, and high reliability, and meets the new national energy-saving requirements of the national standard. GMCC's booth allows the attendees to quickly understand the performance of new compressors in a short time through a complete working principle diagram, new product introduction materials and physical product display.

(New products of GMCC)

In addition, in order to fit the theme of "Smart, Green, Quality, and Materials" at the 2017 China Home Appliance Technology Conference, GMCC has ingeniously set up a convenient green energy public charging pile and intelligent robot "guide" near the booth. Show smart charm from the details.

(GMCC Green Energy Public Charging Pile)

As one of the hosts of this technology conference, GMCC demonstrated its technical strength to the industry through technical achievements such as heat pump heating compressors, and also arranged a series of theme activities to allow participants to easily integrate into the conference atmosphere. After the plenary session, the GMCC "Green Dream Night" specially invited dinner will be held after the awarding ceremony for outstanding papers. It is worth noting that the banquet will also carry out the 3D video premiere of the "Hot Chi core" heat pump heating compressor and the lighting ceremony of "Green Tree of Technology". According to reports, the lighting ceremony implies that Chinese home appliance companies have joined together to take the road of green, innovation and intelligent technology development, and seek common development trends in the home appliance industry.

Some in the industry believe that product and technology innovation will be the core strength in the upstream and downstream competition in the home appliance industry chain. This Chinese home appliance technology event will help home appliance companies grasp the general trend in new development. Compressor companies represented by GMCC will also have a good opportunity to quickly seize the global market.

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