The long-standing North-South heating battle has finally come up with a new statement!

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The recent cold wave raids, one after another, cold air has continued southward, and many regions of the country have officially entered the threshold of winter. In an instant, we came to the annual season of bathing by perseverance, washing by endurance, and getting up by explosive power. With the advent of another winter, the controversy over north-south heating has re-emerged-

The North-South Heating Controversy: Decentralized or Centralized?

"You are snowing in the sun in the south, and I am like spring in the cold nights of the north." In most people's impressions, the winter in the north is very comfortable and comfortable because of the central heating. This made southerners who had winter in the "wet and cold" weather express "envy, jealousy and hate," and they all proposed to enjoy central heating. In fact, with the increase of extreme "wet and cold" weather in the south and the improvement of the quality of life of residents, various circles have reached a consensus on the demand that "the south also needs heating". The focus of the current debate is actually on the heating method.

The centralized heating method that has been implemented for many years has been “trenched” by more and more northern residents. The heating effect of residents of the same hot network is very different. The charging standards are all-in-one and the entire community is not charged. The decision has made many northern residents start to prefer scattered heating. The content of the North-South heating dispute has gradually evolved into a "centralized and decentralized" heating mode dispute.

Today, the North-South heating battle finally ushers in a new situation-

In recent years, China has vigorously promoted the livelihood plan of “coal-to-clean energy”, and has adopted “coal-to-electricity” and “coal-to-gas” as the two main implementation methods, and achieved significant results. Among them, in the process of "coal-to-electricity", heat pump heating is one of the "main forces", which solves the urgent need for stable, efficient and comfortable heating for northern residents, which not only effectively manages environmental pollution, but also eases the North-South heating dispute. The “coal to electricity” heating equipment has actually entered every household and solved the disadvantages of unstable central heating temperature from the root cause. At the same time, the economic benefits of centralized heating due to the scattered characteristics of southern buildings are not as good as independent heating. The existence of heat pump heating equipment has increased the more stable and comfortable heating options for southern residents. Today, there is a new argument for the North-South heating battle.

To this end, GMCC has developed three "cold-proof artifacts": "Hot Chi core" heat pump heating compressors, CO2 heat pump water heater compressors, R134a heat pump water heater compressors, forming a joint force to provide users with environmentally friendly and healthy "warm winter" life the way.

GMCC "Hot Chi core" heat pump heating dedicated compressor, creating a "warm winter" companionship

GMCC "Hot Chi core" heat pump heating compressor, relying on the three characteristics of ultra-low temperature water heating, pump body structure and refined control, air jet enthalpy to make heating simple in the cold north.

The "Hot Chi core" heat pump heating compressor has the advantage of -25 ° C ultra-low temperature and efficient operation. The use of flexible intelligent adaptation system, energy efficiency jumps, and effectively solves the heat loss under extreme cold. The pressure ratio of GMCC "Hot Chi core" heat pump heating compressor can reach 16.3, which is greatly improved compared to conventional compressors, ensuring that the hot water demand in the northern low temperature environment can be met, and the reliability and service life of the compressor are not affected. It has a wide operating range and can adapt to severe working conditions. It can achieve low-temperature unimpeded, high-efficiency unimpeded, unimpeded working conditions, and unimpeded matching.

It is worth mentioning that when using an air source heat pump, only 35 ° of hot water can be used to warm the room with the floor heating pipe, and the temperature of the water output of the heat pump system equipped with a GMCC “Hot Chi core” heat pump heating compressor It can reach 60 ° C, which is much higher than the water temperature required for home heating. Therefore, the heat pump can make hot water once, which can be used for long-term heating. In a heating season, it can effectively save heating costs for residents.

In addition to the "Hot Chi core" heat pump heating compressor, GMCC has also successfully developed CO2 heat pump water heater compressors and R134a heat pump water heater compressors and other heat pump water heater compressors. Through the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants and special designs with high-water-temperature heat pump water heaters, the environmental protection, safety, and stable operation of the water heaters are guaranteed to release warmth for heating families.

Right now, a new round of heating season is starting. GMCC compressors work together with the heat pump industry to promote environmental protection heating business, bringing "warm winter" to residents in the "coal-to-electricity" area. It is foreseeable that the heat pump heating will gradually replace the historical position of centralized heating due to its advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, and high comfort.

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