Famous on the list! GMCC Hefei Ice Press Factory was appraised as a labor security integrity demonstration unit in Hefei

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Recently, at the 2017 annual labor security review conference organized by the Hefei Human Resources and Association Security Bureau, Anhui Meizhi Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of GMCC (ie, GMCC Hefei Ice Press Factory), successfully passed the review and was rated as " The "2017 Hefei City Labor Security Integrity Demonstration Unit", the acquisition of this title demonstrates that the local labor security department fully affirmed the GMCC's work of consistently regulating labor management and protecting employees' rights.

It is reported that among the many enterprises in Hefei, only 28 companies have received this honor. This award is due to the GMCC's implementation of the "win-win" model of corporate and employee progress, practical implementation of various types of safety guarantees and ability training for employees, focusing on the implementation of comprehensive construction in four aspects, and promoting the growth of GMCC grow.

Working environment continues to excel

In terms of working environment, GMCC is committed to creating a high-quality environment and a good cultural atmosphere: multiple air-conditioning equipment is installed in each GMCC production workshop to create a comfortable working environment for employees; LED lighting is replaced on the interior lighting of the plant to improve brightness and save energy and environmental protection ; Equip employees with high-quality noise-proof earphones in the noise area, and equip employees with anti-gas masks in the injection molding workshop to ensure employees' working environment. In addition, in the office building and manufacturing workshop, GMCC has set up lounges, and added convenient equipment such as water dispensers and vending machines, providing employees with a good rest environment and creating green spaces.

Completed an automated production line, humanistic care is in place

When it comes to the impression of manufacturing companies, many people think that the working environment of the manufacturing workshop is messy and the employees work hard. In fact, the GMCC manufacturing workshop has refreshed everyone's understanding of the working environment of the manufacturing enterprise-the floor of the workshop is always kept clean, the production line is tidy, and the material storage area is clear. In addition, GMCC has increased its investment in automated machinery and equipment. Currently, more than 400 automated equipment have been put into operation. Machine operations have been basically completed in high-temperature and high-risk positions such as welding, die-casting, loading and unloading, reducing the work intensity of employees and staying away from high-risk operations. In addition to the continuous construction of automation, GMCC is also steadily improving in information and digital construction. At present, GMCC has basically realized an integrated lean manufacturing system. With the continuous joining of automation equipment, more GMCC employees have completed the transition from job positions to management and supervision production positions to achieve continuous optimization of labor efficiency.

Focus on staff capacity development

On the development path of GMCC, the cultivation of employees' working ability has always been a golden rule for improving productivity. In treating new and old employees, GMCC has different training methods.

For new employees who have just entered the GMCC, the GMCC adopts the S-OJT rapid induction training method to speed up the employees' understanding of job responsibilities and skills by “passing, helping, and bringing”, improving the equipment operation level and comprehensive quality of employees, and improving Skill level and productivity. For senior employees with rich experience in GMCC, organize experience exchange meetings and technical training meetings for logistics, electricians, welders, forklifts and so on. In addition, GMCC also regularly conducts "Science and Technology Month" activities, organizes technical talents in each workshop to compete in skills, and also provides a platform for sharing and learning.

Improve employee care system

GMCC understands that the happiness and growth of outstanding talents and employees are the driving force behind GMCC's continuous innovation. Therefore, the GMCC has continuously improved its employee care system-the establishment of an employee assistance fund, the provision of corresponding poverty subsidies to employees of extremely poor families every year, the sending of holiday benefits, the annual selection of outstanding employees, and awards and recognition. GMCC's care for employees is implemented in work and life. In addition to caring about the growth of employees' abilities at work, GMCC also attaches great importance to the physical and mental health of employees during their life outside of work, and builds sports venues near dormitory buildings for employees. Decompression provides sports venues and recreational facilities.

GMCC always firmly believes that “talent is the primary driving force for development” and continues to advocate the common growth concept of corporate value and employee value. It continuously provides employees with opportunities to learn, work and challenge themselves, and is committed to the common sublimation of the enterprise and employee spirit to achieve "Employees rejuvenate, enterprises rejuvenate."

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