High efficiency, energy saving and quiet, BLDC motor for home air conditioner

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Recently, the data released in the "2017 China Air-Conditioning Industry Report" shows that in 2017 China's air-conditioning market retail volume and retail sales reached 57.87 million units and 198.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of 27.4% and 32.4% respectively. Among them, consumption upgrade has become an important reason for the increase in demand for air conditioning markets in rural and urban areas.

Motor manufacturers have responded to the high-end trend of the consumer market, and have made efforts to "smart production." Among them, Welling, with forward-looking consciousness, uses BLDC motors for home air conditioners as one of its key products, and has achieved a number of technological breakthroughs while grasping the market pulse. Now, let's walk through the R & D site of Welling Motors and see the strength of "black technology"-

"Black technology" skill one: High efficiency and energy saving, low power consumption operation

As the core driving component of air conditioners, the Wellington home air conditioner BLDC motor achieves a breakthrough in energy efficiency. The BLDC motor of the Welling home air conditioner uses a FOC (field-oriented control) sine wave space vector control system. Through the control method of Id = 0, the low-speed current waveform is improved to achieve high efficiency and energy saving.

The BLDC motor of the Welling home air conditioner can output large torque at low speeds, has a strong overload capacity, has the advantages of wide speed range, stable speed and other advantages, and can realize functions such as stepless speed change, braking, and dual steering. In addition, Welling R & D personnel use innovative pin positions and wiring methods to significantly improve product reliability, and standardize the design to increase power density, achieve miniaturization, lightness and thinness, and facilitate the optimization of the overall product size. Achieve efficient operation, energy saving and power saving.

"Black technology" skill two: smooth operation, quiet comfort

In addition to efficient operation, the quiet operation capability of air conditioners is another important factor for users. The BLDC motor of the Welling home air conditioner uses a BMC (stretch) end cap structure and a built-in chip, which has the advantages of compact structure, stable speed, and low noise. In addition, the stator of the BLDC motor of the Welling home air conditioner is composed of multiple iron cores. It is formed by high-precision laser welding and splicing. The stator has a good roundness and a more stable internal structure. At the same time, the stator tooth top arc cutting is used. Uniform air gap to improve motor noise and vibration. The BLDC motor of the Welling home air conditioner uses plastic packaging technology to enclose the stator core and winding of the motor with engineering plastics, so that the motor itself has the characteristics of moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, good insulation and longer life. Compared with iron shell motor, noise is greatly reduced.

"Black technology" essential skills: low-carbon environmental protection, reducing carbon emissions

In addition to the two performance advantages of high efficiency and quietness, the Wellington home air conditioner BLDC motor also reflects Welling's green development concept of environmentally friendly production. The BLDC motor of the Welling home air conditioner uses a new aluminum wire, which guarantees good thermal conductivity and higher cost performance, and through the use of frequency conversion technology, it can assist the machine to achieve stable and energy-saving operation. Compared with conventional motors, the Wellington home air conditioner BLDC motor consumes less materials such as copper, steel, and aluminum, and is more low-carbon.

It is worth mentioning that with the increase in global environmental awareness, future air-conditioning products will pay more attention to health and environmental protection, and its upgrade goal will focus on solving indoor air pollution. Therefore, the low-carbon, high-efficiency performance characteristics of the Welling home air conditioner BLDC motor will undoubtedly win the favor of more users.

In the next few years, Welling believes that with the promotion of consumption upgrades and urbanization, domestic air-conditioning sales will maintain steady growth. At that time, Welling will still develop more core technologies of high efficiency and energy conservation to maintain the Matthew effect of the strong and strong, and provide users with better, stronger and better products to provide a source of life for the better life.

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