Welling Lab: Secrets Frequently Occurred in Black Technology

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As the saying goes, sharpening the wood without accidentally cutting wood, high-quality products cannot be separated from the support of research and development equipment. For a long time, Welling is well aware of this. Through the continuous introduction of foreign precision dynamometers and other precision instruments and equipment, the quality of Welling motors is strictly controlled. Now let's move to the Welling Lab and uncover the secret behind Welling's frequent "black technology"-

Noise Lab

Function and principle:

Welling introduces a noise laboratory to provide a low-field test environment for Welling motors in a free field. By arranging a noise collection microphone, the collected noise data will be presented in the system, and the relevant values will be analyzed by professionals.


Welling air conditioner motors, washing machine motors, and other products have continued to significantly improve the noise rating for several years, and their mute effect is at the forefront of the industry.

Environmental simulation test chamber

Function and principle:

Put the motor in the environmental laboratory to simulate the environmental test, and then send it to the environmental test site for field environmental tests. After passing these tests, it can be officially put into production, ensuring that the Welling motor has a good and stable operating ability under various operating conditions.


The purpose of the test is to test the performance advantages of the Welling motor in high temperature and humid environments, to improve the highly efficient operating ability of the Welling motor in various operating conditions, and to ensure product quality.

Inertia Dynamometer

Function and principle:

Welling achieves full-automatic control through the MEA inertia dynamometer, which can perform load characteristic tests on Welling motors, including torque, speed, current, voltage, input and output power, and energy efficiency. It can also analyze and detect defective products based on test data and generate them in real time. The analysis report truly controlled the performance of the motor under test.


The system that uses the motor's own moment of inertia to test the performance of the motor is helpful to the research and development of Welling high-speed and high-efficiency motors, which effectively improves the motor performance.

UL Standard Combustion Tester

Function and principle:

When the UL standard combustion tester in the laboratory conducts non-combustibility tests on raw materials such as plastic, steel, and copper, the Welling tester taps the start switch, and the tester immediately starts automatic high-pressure ignition. After a standard firing time of 15 seconds, it goes out After 15 seconds, repeat the test five times to check the burning situation of the test piece. The entire test process is realized by setting the burn-out time, the combustion temperature and the number of repetitions.


Welling motor raw materials and components are spot-checked, and the UL standard combustion test machine effectively checks the high temperature resistance of the product, which helps to optimize the internal structure of the motor and improve the overall performance.

Motor life test bench

Function and principle:

The motor life test bench is suitable for endurance test of various types of motor products. It has built-in short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection functions, easy operation, reliable work, high output accuracy, stable comprehensive performance, and guaranteed quality.


Welling attaches great importance to the durability of the products. The motors that are sampled need to be loaded and operated on the "life table" for half a year. The data during the operation is collected and analyzed by the computer to verify the durability of the motors and ensure that the Welling motors leave the factory. Quality.

In Welling's future development map, technological innovation is the core strategy. Welling will continue to increase investment in scientific research and innovation resources, meet the needs of users, and use technology to provide a source of power for the better life of mankind. Welling "black technology", to be continued.

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