Three advantages of Welling split air conditioner outdoor unit fan AC motor

2018-07-10 3247 views

Recently, high temperature warnings have been issued successively throughout the country. At the same time, during the World Cup, passionate people pushed the temperature to the climax again and again, and the air-conditioning market followed. According to industry online data, as of May 2018, China's cumulative total sales of air conditioners reached 74.703 million units, a year-on-year increase of 14.49%.

The air-conditioning industry sings all the way, and the air-conditioning motor is a very important part of air-conditioning. Air conditioner without motor is like losing soul. Today we will talk about air conditioner motor.

There are many types of air-conditioning motors, which are divided into DC motors and AC motors according to the working power supply; divided into DC motors, asynchronous motors, and synchronous motors according to the structure and working principle. Different types of motors have different advantages. Among them, asynchronous motors can withstand large changes in operating temperature, and still perform well in hot summers or harsh winters. In contrast, large temperature changes can damage permanent magnet motors.

In addition to the characteristics that the AC fan motor of the outdoor unit of the welling split air conditioner can still run stably under large temperature changes, it has three major advantages.

First, the fan AC motor of the Welling split air conditioner outdoor unit adopts an innovative tensile end cover structure, which is very quiet when running, and not only will not cause noise pollution to the outdoor environment!

Second, the industrial shape design is very convenient to install and use!

Third, the AC motor of the fan of the Welling split air conditioner outdoor unit can be protected by built-in recoverable thermal protector or fuse, which is safe and reliable!

Welling has been committed to the research of energy-efficient, low-noise, and reliable motors. At the same time, Welling constantly improves and optimizes the quality control system, and has passed QC080000, ISO14001, ISO9001 system certification, TUV, UL safety certification, etc.

Welling, providing systematic motor technology solutions for the world!

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