New air-conditioning energy efficiency standards will be included in hot air blowers, and GMCC core compressors respond efficiently

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It is understood that the national standard GB21455 "Limited Values and Energy Efficiency Ratings of Room Air Conditioners" (hereinafter referred to as the new standard) has formed a consultation draft, that is, a new standard for air-conditioning energy efficiency is about to surface.

New standards, new challenges

An important change of the new standard compared to the old standard is the expansion of the range of air-conditioning energy efficiency standards, which will be included in low ambient temperature air source heat pump heat fans.

Regarding the changes in the introduction of the new standard into hot air fans, people in the industry explained that, first, the industry is developing rapidly, but the quality is uneven; second, it takes a long time for separate introduction of energy efficiency standards for hot air fans; third, the hot air fans are all household air conditioners It is also a product purchased by families. Such changes will test the energy efficiency level of hot air fans on the market.

Looking forward to creation and meeting the test

With its forward-looking GMCC, when it entered the northern coal-to-electricity market, it adopted high-efficiency, low-noise, and high-reliability research and development standards, and after the accumulation and innovation of low-temperature heating technology, it launched a compressor for heat pump heating fans.

Since then, GMCC has continued to expand other large-displacement, energy-efficient models through measures such as reliability assessment and test design, helping downstream heat turbine manufacturers to meet the test of energy efficiency standards.

Proven technology for heating

The special compressor for heat pump heating fan adopts the self-propelled air injection method with check valve, which can stabilize the air injection heating at -25 ℃.

l The air temperature is as high as 37 ℃, both cold and warm

-25 ℃ can start well, and the temperature of the air outlet is as high as 37 ℃;

When the temperature of -20 ℃ is lower than -12 ℃, the attenuation of standard heating is less than 5%;

Efficient cooling in summer, COP≥3.75, cooling energy efficiency does not decline

l 26% heating efficiency improvement, durable heating

Adopt flexible air jet technology, the pressure ratio is as high as 13;

Intelligent adaptation system, increasing low-temperature heating capacity by 26%

l Stable heating and strong adaptability

Achieve high-efficiency full-band jetting, stable and reliable;

Wide operating range, suitable for various harsh working conditions

l Electric control technology blessing, one-stop heating

Supported by electric control, easy to implement and install;

Eliminates the need for "big starts" on conventional heat pump systems;

One-stop heat pump heating solution

In addition to upgrading and improving hot air blower products, GMCC also introduced a new generation of 5HP heat pump heating and hot water compressors, which can meet the needs of high efficiency, frequency conversion and miniaturization of the heat pump market.

Under the blessing of heating technology for ten years, GMCC will continue to innovate, adhering to the craftsmanship, polishing more efficient and reliable heat pump heating products with cutting-edge technology, and promoting the sustainable development of the industry.

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