Breakthrough R290 Application Limits

2019-06-13 1095 views

Recently, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) announced that it has officially approved the increase in the limit of flammable refrigerant charge in commercial equipment. A3 (flammable and explosive) refrigerant charge limit has been increased from 150g to 500g, and A2 (flammable) and A2L (weakly flammable) refrigerant charge limits have been increased from 150g to 1200g.

Such adjustment will undoubtedly bring good news to the commercial refrigeration market. On the one hand, it promotes compressor manufacturers to upgrade their energy efficiency; on the other hand, downstream machine manufacturers have more energy efficiency improvement solution options for hydrocarbon refrigerants. The wider application of commercial refrigeration equipment has laid the foundation.

Although R290 refrigerant is known as "environment-friendly refrigerant with great development potential", it belongs to A3 class flammable and explosive refrigerant, and its safety has hindered its application and promotion in the refrigeration industry. With the formal implementation of the Kigali amendment, the increasingly mature R290 and its application products will gradually enter the home appliance market and enter the homes of ordinary users.

On the exploration road of R290 application, compressor industry GMCC has 15 years of research and development experience, has mature and reliable R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant application technology, and related R290 technology is widely used in many compressor categories.

Air-conditioning application area

The GMCC R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant air-conditioning compressor has undergone upgrades and evolutions from generation to generation. It has evolved and developed from meeting the requirements of energy efficiency design of air conditioning systems to meeting higher energy efficiency standards. Today, high-performance products represented by the R290 independent compression second-generation compressors provide efficient and reliable energy efficiency upgrade solutions for downstream air regulator manufacturers.

Application area of refrigerator

In terms of refrigerators, in recent years, GMCC has increased resources investment in the light commercial direction, and has developed R290 light commercial refrigerator compressors and R290 low temperature freezer compressors with high stability, large capacity and wide back pressure to meet market trends. Demand.

Application field of heat pump water heater

In terms of heat pump water heaters, GMCC also applied R290 with excellent thermal characteristics to heat pump water heaters. It is reported that the GMCC R290 heat pump water heater compressor has been treated with sliding chrome nitride, and the bearing has been designed with a ring groove to enhance reliability. Its water temperature generally reaches 65 ° C and can reach 55 ° C in winter.

In addition, dehumidifiers, clothes dryers, etc. are also application carriers for GMCC R290 technology.

In a sense, GMCC has brought the environmental protection factor of R290 to users through environmental protection and energy saving experience. R290 technology is the general trend. GMCC will continue to develop and apply R290 compressor products in a “thick work”, and use cutting-edge technologies and products to promote the sustainable development of the HVAC industry.

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