GMCC: Spirit rhino has "core", energy efficiency upgrade is easy

2019-07-12 1014 views

It is understood that the “Green and Efficient Refrigeration Action Plan” jointly issued by the seven ministries and commissions covers the entire refrigeration industry, and requires the upgrading of refrigeration products to take into account both energy efficiency improvement and environmental protection and energy saving, and also accelerates the introduction of relevant mandatory performance efficiency standards. In addition, a new round of consumer electronics stimulus policies will subsidize consumers who purchase green appliances. In a development environment where challenges and opportunities coexist, continuous technological upgrades and energy efficiency upgrades are the unswerving development steps of the refrigeration industry.

Efficient frequency conversion, iterative improvement

As a senior compressor supplier, GMCC is able to provide air-conditioning manufacturers with variable degrees of frequency conversion and energy-efficient solutions. Adhering to the self-developed GMCC has formed a mature, reliable, and wide range of high-efficiency refrigeration technology routes, including but not only dual-cylinder frequency conversion technology, frequency conversion variable capacity technology, suction adiabatic compression technology, independent compression technology, etc.

These high-quality technologies have been successfully applied to specific compressor products, and the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems has been greatly improved.

  • "V-enabled" lightweight inverter compressors that increase the APF of air conditioners by 5%

  • The first generation of independent compression and high efficiency compressors that increased the APF of air conditioners by 8%

  • Second-generation independent compression and high-efficiency compressor that improves air conditioning APF by 10%

Low temperature and strong heat

In addition to fast cooling, GMCC also has a layout in low temperature and fast heating.

In the early years, the GMCC was prepared to pay attention to the problem of performance degradation of conventional air conditioners at low temperature, and carried out in-depth research on low temperature heating technology for the new research and development direction. Since 2008, GMCC has developed technologies such as variable-capacity compression technology, wide-range frequency conversion technology, air-jet enthalpy increase technology, and all-around coupling technology, forming a unique, stable and reliable low-temperature rapid thermal technology route.

GMCC heat pump heating products help the process of "coal to electricity" in the north with mature and reliable performance and complete supporting services. It is reported that the GMCC heat pump heating compressor dedicated compressor has won the Guangdong Provincial Outstanding Patent Award in 2018, applying for 35 patents, 6 PCT patents, and 19 Chinese invention patents.

Intensive cultivation and innovation

Despite the differentiated competitiveness of the air-conditioning market, energy efficiency improvement is still a constant development trend. Regardless of whether it is cooling or heating, GMCC reserves the corresponding key technologies of high energy efficiency, low noise, and high capacity, and at the same time transforms and applies compressor products in corresponding fields. As of May 2019, GMCC has authorized 2022 patents on air-conditioning compressors, including 503 invention patents and 1,519 utility model patents.

GMCC will continue to take "innovation" as the first productivity, provide efficient and energy-saving energy efficiency improvement solutions for the air conditioning industry to meet new energy efficiency standards, and use product upgrades to promote the healthy development of the industry.

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