"Core" Yao appliance technology conference, GMCC injected lasting vitality into the industry

2019-10-23 678 views

On October 23, the 16th China Household Appliance Technology Conference kicked off in Foshan, Guangdong, bringing together thousands of technology R & D elites in the home appliance industry to discuss technology development trends and the future of the industry.

At the general meeting of the Home Appliance Technology Conference, Jiang Feng, the chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, delivered an opening speech, "At present, China's home appliances have entered a new stage of development. We must deeply understand the key core technology must be autonomous and controllable, and firmly adhere to the road of independent innovation. Work hard in the key areas, the "neck", and firmly hold the initiative of innovation in your own hands. "It can be seen that technological innovation is a good medicine to break the home appliance industry, and its importance is self-evident.

The representative of the company, GMCC & Welling President Fu Yongjun also said in his speech, "The Home Appliance Technology Conference is a grand event for industry technology exchange, and a conference to promote technological innovation and progress in China and even the world. Many experts gathered to exchange the latest results of technology research. Discuss the future direction of technological development. "At the same time, he also proposed," To take advantage of the rapid development of intelligent technology, develop and produce more intelligent, higher-quality products that exceed user expectations and better protect our green Shui Qingshan. "

Protecting green water and green mountains cannot be separated from the application and promotion of environmentally friendly refrigerant replacement technology in the home appliance industry. At the International Conference on HCFC-22 Alternative Technology for the Room Air Conditioner Industry held yesterday, Gao Bin, the leading research engineer of GMCC, shared the global refrigerant replacement trends and GMCC's progress in the application of environmentally friendly refrigerants.

The theme of this technology conference is "intelligence, green, quality, materials". Whether it is the plenary session or the refrigerant replacement technology exchange conference held the day before, the "Huashan Sword" in the home appliance industry will be developed around this theme. In fact, in the context of the acceleration of global cooling replacement, the continuous emphasis on intelligent manufacturing, and the urgent need to promote the development of environmentally friendly and low-carbon technologies, GMCC has quietly played an important green core force. Data show that the sales of GMCC R290 compressors have achieved rapid growth in the past two years. Only in the first three quarters of this year, sales have exceeded the total of the past six years. Related products are mainly sold to India, Europe, and China, and their application areas include split air conditioners, mobile air conditioners, heat pumps and refrigerators.

This year's China Home Appliance Technology Conference continues to provide new ideas for the home appliance industry to open up the situation in the structural adjustment. GMCC will play an important role in the energy efficiency of home appliances, injecting lasting vitality into the home appliance industry with green and efficient energy efficiency upgrade programs.

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