sustainable development

Sustainable Development

Green Power Development Strategy

Guided by the corporate mission, GMCC adheres to sustainable development, pursues green development strategies, and makes continuous efforts to help build a green home appliance industry chain. GMCC continuously develops compressor green technology through a perfect green power strategic management system, manufactures green products with green factories, reduces product carbon footprint and corporate greenhouse gas emissions, and provides customers with green power core products.

Green Vision: Becoming a Pioneer and Practitioner in the Green Power Era


Green idea


Green concept


Green vision


Green goal

Green idea

GMCC's sustainable development thinking, green business strategy and environmental protection social responsibility can be summarized in two words-"green power".


Green concept

"Green power" refers to home appliances that are energy-efficient and do not cause harm to the human body and the surrounding environment during use under the premise of qualified quality, and can be recycled after being discarded.


Green vision

As a leader in the compressor industry, adhering to the corporate mission of "for the homeland and civilization of mankind", GMCC's green vision is: "Become a pioneer and practitioner in the green electricity era."


Green goal

GMCC looks forward to building a green power industry chain and a green consumer market through the joint efforts of industry colleagues.


Green Power Strategy

Green Appliance Strategy


Green Power Road

GMCC pursues sustainable development, planning the trilogy of green power development roads, from the establishment of its own green strategy to the construction of green power systems, and continuously innovating green technology, exporting green power products, and working with customers to promote green appliances. Finally, GMCC expects to work with industry colleagues to establish quantitative green power indicators and related standards, provide consumers with a visible green power logo, and guide consumers to jointly build a green market environment.

Green Power System

Green supply chain
Green manufacturing
Green cooperation
Early warning assessment of environmental risks
Product life cycle assessment
Greenhouse gas verification
Green Power Logo
supply chain
Product Eco-Design
Product use
Supplier greenhouse gas verification
Product environmental technology
Environmental management system. Energy consumption assessment
Industry benchmark

Green Power Logo

GMCC plans to launch the GMCC Green Compressor Product Logo in the future, which will allow you to intuitively recognize the green compressor products. It means that the product represents a better international energy-saving and environmental protection technology, with less impact on the environment, low noise and comfort during operation, and the product itself is free of toxic and harmful substances, which can be recycled and degraded after being discarded without harming the environment and human safety .

GMCC plans to launch the green electric compressor product identification:
Let you intuitively understand the green compressor products.


Green Power System

Green Appliance System



GMCC takes the product's entire life cycle ecological design as the main line. In the product design process, it not only pays attention to the application of green environmental protection technology, but also introduces the product's carbon footprint assessment to examine the environmental impact of the product.

Green practice

Green Practices

Green practice

GMCC introduces product carbon footprint assessment and greenhouse gas management in the production process, and calculates greenhouse gas emissions from products and factories. Through a series of improvements, such as the control of raw materials and the construction of digital green factories, we continuously reduce emissions and provide customers with green products.

Carbon Footprint

According to international standards, GMCC entrusted SGS, an authoritative organization, to calculate the carbon footprint of the main emission sources of inverter air-conditioning compressors in 2014. The calculation results show that the carbon footprint of each compressor is 160 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent. Established a carbon footprint benchmark for the industry.

Green label

GMCC intends to launch the green power logo. Compressors with this label will mean that it is a green product that meets international standards and GMCC green power standards.


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