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GMCC rewinding and reciprocating shrinking machines are used in various fields such as apron, cold storage, asbestos, hot water boilers, dehumidifiers, clothes dryers, cold autos, and water purifiers. Welling and other systems are used in household electrical appliances, cleaning equipment, appliances, and industrial automation applications.


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GMCC 丨 Welling Fu Junjun: One of the behaviors of "Green Power"

"China's Home Appliance Industry Conference", the first vocal position, GMCC, Welling, and then the Home Appliances Association and Co-operation, and the only industry in China that is high-end and low-end, and it's announced that it is a construction project. 度 度 の で, GMCC 丨 Welling ’s Vice President Fu Yongjun, "HI, Green Power!" マ ー マ と し た Lecture を 発 表 し た. Fu Yongjun, "Electricity", a corporate behavior, and behavior. そ し て, the concept of GMCC 実 実 を を を を を 続 に に に し て し て し て し て し て し て し て し て し て し て 环境保护 环境保护 リ ー ン environmental protection の strength of the force.


Green Power, Future Future ——Notes on the 2015 Home Appliance Technology Conference

October 27-29, 2015 China Household Electrical Appliance Technology Conference, Hefei. This is a meeting of the environmental protection industry in mid-range and low-carbon industries. On-site meeting, GMCC & Welling's Deputy President, "Electricity of Green Electricity" Special Report, "Concepts of Green Electricity and Related Exhibitions", detailed descriptions, and attention of participants .

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International Natural Refrigerants Conference, GMCC's only joint reminder and trick

"Natural Refrigerants and Environmental Protection" マ に し た 2014 International Natural Refrigerants Conference (GL2014), August 31st, Hangzhou, Shanghai, China, Shanghai, China. GMCC's research and development of environmental protection refrigerants, the world's leading edge of the world's leading edge, and the only co-reminder and trick of the conference.

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GMCC エ ア コ ン コ ン プ レ ッ サ ー は The world ’s first 200 million units have been exchanged for up to ten years and guaranteed for ten years.

On September 6, 2013, シ ェ ラ ト ン 徳 ホ テ ル に て GMCC Meiji "Chinese Dream • World Core" エ ア コ ン コ ン プ レ ッ サ ー が 200 million units of the world's leading achievements in the world's most prestigious watches are grand. Government Departments, Industry Associations, Scientific Research Institutions, Frozen Stores and Industrial Events of the Cold Storage Industry and Attendance Events of the Industry, Milestones of the Industry, and Other Events. Requested Procedure table will ni te, GMCC Meizhi wa そ の back Zhuan style Ester ア Nikon Corporation Nikon Corporation pu Ritz ッ those have の produce traders bai performance wo worldwide で cumulative resolved after 200 million ni up shi ta ko と wo declared shi ta Meanwhile ni, Ester ア Nikon Corporation Nikon Corporation pu Ritz ッ those have "exchanged wo decades で ensure suru" と い u those have Bldg su To

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GMCC Meiji R290 は Contract し て 国 连 モ デ ル production プ ロ ジ ェ ク ト と な る

China National Power Grid report, November 6th, に シ ェ ラ ト ン 徳 ホ テ 徳 ホ テ ル に お い て, Meiji は Guolian, Ministry of Environmental Protection, China Household Electrical Products Association, and Isu に R290 Guolian MONITORY Multi-corner Fund, デ ル プ ロ ジ ェ ク ト の た め に, contract signing ceremony, を 行 っ て, Officials of Guolian Industrial Development Agency, Officials of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, China Household Electrical Products Association, Local Government Officials, Associations, Site Directions for the Autonomous Contract Signing Ceremony, Mizumi Independent Research Development xi ta R290 U nn pu Ritz ッ those have production LITE nn wa MEP comprehensive ni country even の representatives and び countries の served people の ken income wo uke te, officially ni contract wo conclusion shi te, holds an nn Suites ri o Hikaru Protocol holds video game, Hikaru production pu

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