Employment concept

Talent Concept

Employment concept

Focusing on strategic goals and development directions, we propose a dual talent concept of "people-oriented" and "energy-oriented" with an open vision of talents, that is, employees are the company's largest capital and wealth, focusing on the improvement of employees' capabilities and knowledge, Discovery of talent value; we continue to invest resources to cultivate future talents with superior environment and mechanism to realize long-term benefits of enterprise talents.

Talent Strategy-Achieving Sustainable Development of Human Resources


■ Talent introduction:

Vigorously introduce high-end, international talents, and improve talent echelon construction


■ Mechanism change:

Introduce and establish HR three pillars (BP, COE, SSC) model

  • Create a quality environment and cultural atmosphere
  • High skills and efficiency to achieve high income
  • Changes in salary models drive employee motivation
  • Lean workforce management maximizes labor benefits

■ Steady improvement of grassroots:

Workers' income, strive for per capita full-time income of workers to exceed 100,000 yuan per year in 2019

Talent introduction principle

Five-purpose talent

Person of good character

Strong executive

Good at learning


Team-oriented people

Five without talent

People unfamiliar with business

Can't do small things

Disobedient person

Does not train subordinates

Not good at reform

Talent retention mechanism

Career retention:

New Industry Development Opportunities / Cultivate Internal Entrepreneurs / Echelon Reserve Talent Mechanism / International Talent Training System / Chief Expert System

Feelings of retention:

Employee Care System / Employee Support Fund / Employee Coaching System / Employee Support-EAP System

Cultural retention:

Company Vision / Values / Target Sharing / Best Employer Target / Corporate Culture Advocacy

Treatment retention:

Remuneration of senior staff is globally competitive / Middle-level and lower-level staff are domestically competitive

Talent Structure

Talent Structure

Talent Structure

Staff values focus on the seven aspects of communication, teamwork, efficiency, competition, openness, initiative, and dedication. Through “dedication, interaction, efficiency, and competition”, the core value orientation is clearly defined, and a high-value team is cultivated and built to support the company globally. Achievement of leading strategic goals. We advocate the common growth of corporate value and employee value, and continuously provide employees with opportunities to learn, work and challenge themselves, and are committed to the common sublimation of corporate and employee spirit.

As of the end of 2015, GMCC & Welling has 18,686 employees.

Talent Career Planning

We use professional and management dual career development channels to provide employees with a more suitable development space and achieve the company's long-term development.

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